16-bit Revival

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Created December 15, 2011 by DarkSpines


Dear sega,
i have noticed that many of the sega fans would like to have the classics brought back, the old golden times, the "blast-proccessing of the 16-bits". You’ve done most of that with sonic generations, but we would like a remake of the old games, not only sonic. You know, not all sega fans are sonic fans. And maybe release it to 360, ps3/pc, brand new games which are the remakes of the classics, graphics improved or not. All of the games like, ristar, streets of rage, release it to ps3/pc, 360, and possibly if you would agree, a new console, that looked like genesis. We want to revive the old 16-bit games. We plan to get the whole new era of the classics back. Please consider our request.                                                          from your fans, to sega.

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  1. Ultimate

    I really would like a “Neo Genesis”, and I was the one who had this idea. Thanks for making the petition, DarkSpines.

  2. DarkSpines BRAZIL

    Thank you guys if you consider this, and if you don’t, I still thank you all for being one of the best games enterprises.

  3. Hercules BRAZIL

    Hello Sega.
    Sorry to bother them.
    But I came to ask you to return to produce their classic titles in a new videogame made ​​especially for fans of classic games (which are many! Especially in Brazil).
    We love their titles old and would love to relive that time gold company.
    And please, Mighty the Armadillo, Ray and Fang have to go back to the Sonic series! They are much loved by us fans. Many people like them. And we want them in Sonic 4 EPs. We also want an identical replica of the Hidden Palace in Sonic 2 an episode of Sonic 4 (with the same name, Hidden Palace).
    Think in Brazilian fans.
    Thank you.

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