Bridgend County Borough Council Maintenance Standards of the Borough’s Cemeteries Is Not Acceptable

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Created August 9, 2015 by Sean Aspey


We the undersigned are taking this opportunity to express our dissatisfaction in the way bridgend county borough council has been maintaining our cemeteries and hereby call upon you to be held accountable for disrespecting our dearly departed. A comprehensive explantion is required as to the sub-standard maintenance of porthcawl cemetery in particular, and what actions will be forthcoming inorder that our residents will not be submitted to any further ongoing distress.

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There are currently 55 signatures for this petition:

  1. S tronina UNITED KINGDOM

    Our cemetery ‘s should be looked after by a selected person to maintain it or regulary by the council.

  2. Angela marsh GERMANY

    Paces of mourning should be maintained, in a respectable condition.

  3. Cath Dixon

    It’s upsetting enough having to visit your loved ones without stressing on the state of the cemetry when your there. Sort it out BCBC!

  4. Kathryn Bayliss

    I dont have anybody buried in the cemetary, but would like to think my council tax is going towards a valued , loved and needed place in Porthcawl .

  5. Gillian jones UNITED KINGDOM

    So disrespectful…..used to be kept so neat.

  6. Matthew Spearing UNITED KINGDOM

    My farther rests here and it is deeply disturbing to see his resting place left to become a jungle. He fought for our country during World War 2 and came home a hero. Should we not afford our loved ones more respect even unto Death?

  7. Richard Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    How appalling that a petition is required to get graveyards / cemetaries in the county kept in ‘reasonable condition

  8. Sam Lott

    We pay more than enough in council tax to BCBC that it’s an absolute disgrace that this situation had arisen. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment that porthcawl first would like to make this a community activity that really shouldn’t be necessary and gives BCBC an easy out of their responsibility! Disgusting!

  9. Kathryn mitchell GERMANY

    Ive been visiting my mums grave every mth for the past 33yrs and of late ive noticed the deteriation in the cemetery ,knee high grass ,overflowing bins dead flowers blown around n some damage to sml grave ornaments .. This is becoming a big concern to many a family where on earth are the groundsmen this past yr none ave i witnessed in the grounds .. This needs urgent attention …

  10. Deborah Richards

    This is something that should be done as a matter of course. It’s awful to think they are not being looked after :(

  11. Katrina roach UNITED KINGDOM

    my father is buried in this cemetery and each time I go there it does not seem to be looked after. The grass is always long . There are ramble bushes growing on the pathway to my dad’s grave.My father died 6 years ago and the cemetery looked much better then.

  12. katrina roach UNITED KINGDOM

    grass to long every time i visit .looks very untidy also b ramble bushes growing out of graves onto the footpaths.

  13. Lorrie Desmond-Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s about keeping the cemetery tidy. Tidiness instills a sense of respect for those buried there and honours them.

  14. Lorrie Desmond-Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    There’s nothing worse than a scruffy cemetery. It gives the impression of not caring. These are peoples relatives who deserve respect and not a final resting place looking like a weedy field


    Heart breaking to see my elderly mum tend my dads grave and cut the grass herself

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