Against the UKBAs proposed fee increases

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Created March 9, 2011 by international

National Affairs

The UK's Immigration Minister, Damian Green, has recently issued a written Ministerial Statement proposing to increase immigration and nationality fees for all those applying to study, work, visit or stay in the UK.

Normally such fee increases our implemented when proposed, but that's not to say it shouldn't be challenged.

Most categories (including Entry Clearance and in-country extensions) will see significant increases with Tier 4 Students (15.9% proposed increase) and their dependents (134.00% proposed increase) set to be the hardest hit.

What we are seeing here is migrants picking up the bill for the UKBA's public spending cuts.

There are currently 111 signatures for this petition:

  1. Guido Corneille London UNITED KINGDOM

    International student from the Netherlands

  2. Santi Hidayat Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Stephanie Chien Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    AGAINST the UKBAs proposed fee increases!!!!

  4. Geraint Brown swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  5. R Abdullah Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    I think UK government is the first loser of this action. Increasing the fees will most probably decrease number of students in the UK and As Results, will effect economy badly. I do know why government see International students as negative thing? The government should know that there are many other competing countries like Australia, New Zealand and USA whom can provide Excellent education with half money!!

  7. Maho Yokoyama Swansea UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Alex Kelly UNITED KINGDOM
  9. F Nwaodu swansea UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Funek funky Pontypridd UNITED KINGDOM

    It is becoming really outrageous, the government should find other means of raising revenue for the UK. I see this becoming more rampant(if it is not at the moment), foreigners paying and marrying local indigenes just to become citizens, because if the cost of getting a visa is the same as paying a local indigene then people will rather go the way that guarantees them citizenship.

  11. Nisargg Nagar Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    International student fees and living expenditure rises every year. Further increase would affect the government attracting more bright students to study in the UK Universities

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