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Created August 3, 2010 by James


Declares that the petitioners believe that the Government should implement the procurement of rolling stock through the Intercity Express Programme, which would lead to Hitachi building a manufacturing site in Newton Aycliffe; and further that this would result in the creation of hundreds of direct jobs and thousands of jobs in the supply chain, of which the majority would be in manufacturing, giving a much needed boost to the North East economy and improving rail services nationwide. The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the government to implement the procurement of rolling stock through the Intercity Express Programme.

There are currently 185 signatures for this petition:

  1. Chris Beaumont Darlington UNITED KINGDOM
  2. stephen mcintosh Newton Aycliffe UNITED KINGDOM
  3. David John Brewer Sedgefield UNITED KINGDOM

    The area needs full-time employment opportunities. The North East has a proven track record and should be given this opportunity

  4. Joanne Fryett Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Brian Tudor Darlington UNITED KINGDOM

    Hello I have been following this campaign for several weeks since I first heard about in the Echo.I believe only a successful decision for this project from Westminster is what the North East needs right now.Hopefully it is still on the Rails.

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