Ban DFS Adverts

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Created January 18, 2008 by GLENN


Companies should not treat people as they are stupid and try to make out you are getting a great bargain. DFS should stand for Deal For Stupid people

There are currently 14 signatures for this petition:

  1. Owen Bartholomew Harwich UNITED KINGDOM
  2. emma Smith Stockport UNITED KINGDOM
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  7. Linda Patience Warrington UNITED KINGDOM

    I hate DFS adverts with a vengeance. I hate the noise, the frequency and the inane tunes they pick. I have more than once emailed them to complain.
    The other thing that annoys me is that they say a sale is ending, and then it gets extended! Making people ill through constant repetition shouldn't be allowed! And yes, they treat people like idiots. If they can afford to advertise so much why don't they just reduce their prices?

  8. R Taylor St Andrews UNITED KINGDOM

    I HATE those adverts with avengence!

  9. Faloola Chong UNITED KINGDOM

    The DFS the most ridiculous of furniture emporium!

  10. Samuel Larkin Stoke on Trent UNITED KINGDOM

    Offer ends Sunday? what offers that then? the permanent overpriced offer?

  11. Will Rowe N/a UNITED KINGDOM

    its soo true there like a sale everyday of thefriggin year

  12. Sandra Murrell Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  13. dennis o\\\\\\\'brien morden UNITED KINGDOM
  14. James Maxwell East Kilbride UNITED KINGDOM
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