Ban Smoking throughout Coram Fields Playground

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Created July 22, 2010 by Daniel


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  1. Daniel Zylbersztajn London UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a daily occurrence and damages our children. I understand if people need to smoke, but they should not do so on Coram Fields, a place for children.

  2. Claudia Zylbersztajn London - Camden UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Davide Danovi London UNITED KINGDOM

    I would be willing to investigate the hypothesis of a dedicated area for smokers, but it is extremely inconvenient to see people smoking and find stubs in areas properly dedicated to children.\\r\\n\\r\\nyours\\r\\nDavide Danovi, 22-7-10

  4. Esther Leslie London UNITED KINGDOM

    At the beginning of summer you can see the grass in parks. By the end, it is covered in fag butts and you can't sit on the grass without sitting on discarded them. Smokers are simply selfish and should not be allowed to litter or cover other people with their ash or smoke. Maybe you could build a bus-shelter type construction so that the damage they cause could at least be contained and they wouldn't be imposing their anti-social habits on others.

  7. Andrea Lizarralde
  8. Hannah Kopel London
  9. neil Nerva London UNITED KINGDOM
  10. lisa chow london UNITED KINGDOM

    There should be no smoking in Coram Fields Playground as it an are where young children play.

  11. eyob derillo holborn UNITED KINGDOM

    about time


    About time!

  13. Isabells Davies London GERMANY

    I totally agree after the recent kings cross \r\nfestival held at corom fields dozens of\r\ncigarett buts are all over the grass which really\r\nlet's the park down especially with children \r\nand animals being on the grass.

  14. Nigel Quinlan London UNITED KINGDOM

    As a parent who brings my child to Coram's Fields on a weekly if not daily basis, I feel that it sets an extremely bad example to expose young children to adults smoking nearby. The less they see smoking as something people do in normal everyday life the better. I therefore agree that smoking should be prohibited throughout the grounds.

  15. Dan Counterman Camden UNITED KINGDOM

    I was in Coram Fields today (Saturday 24th July) people were smoking in different locations, and there was one party of people between 13.00-16.00 smoking and drinking openly cans of beer. Nobody stopped them, even though I know drinking is forbidden. Wardens were not be seen. Occassionally I smell even skunk being smoked on Coram Fields.
    Stop adults smoking and drinking on Coram Fields – this is kids' territory – it is inappropriate and damages their health!

  16. lucy tammam london UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree it should be banned, though strictly forbidden is taking it a bit far. It amazes me that people smoke in such a child focused place anyway – so yes banning is the way to go.

  17. karen harrington london CANADA
  18. Giovanna Crovara London UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree, and I believe it would be great to stop smoking there for the childrens, for the parents, for the pregnant mums and for the fields as well because they are not very clean.

  19. tai graves kent UNITED KINGDOM

    It makes sense!

  20. lucy mccarry London UNITED KINGDOM

    The smoking itself is grim, and the leaving of fag ends on the grass is dire – my crawling baby picks them up and puts them in her mouth. Please institute a ban as no one pays any heed to the signs saying 'no smoking'

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