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Created July 18, 2010 by rawlings


This is for the people who are calling for David Cameron to ban the burka in Britain, it is a matter of safety , lots of people feel intimidated by seeing people wearing the burka in public and want it banned, Muslims say it's for religious purposes they wear it in public well I know for a fact that is not true, my brother is married to a Turkish Muslim woman who says that they have to where it when they go into a mosque but when they come out they have to take it off, another safety aspect of it is that anybody could be under that and commit crimes, and another thing in this day in each of having security cameras placed everywhere if a camera picks up someone wearing the burka hurting someone how the hell will the police be able to identify the person it is absolutely ridiculous, and that's why people are afraid and want it banned so I say to David Cameron show a little backbone and do your duty and ban it

There are currently 233 signatures for this petition:

  1. Kira McMahon UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s a christian country

  2. Andrew morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    My main reasons are as follows.
    I genuinely feel the Burka is a security threat to our country, as proven when a wanted terrorist left our country wearing such a garment. We all have ID fears and believe they are an easy way to hide or disguise ones self from the authorities.
    My second reason is;
    Because we are part of the European Union and we have to adhere to so many laws and rules set by them. I feel because the law of banning the Burka have been past in France & Holland that there should be a total BAN throughout of Europe. With such large counties banning the wearing of the Burka just encourages Muslim people to come to our country, which I feel is totally unacceptable as a British citizen.

  3. amanda fletcher UNITED KINGDOM

    I am deeply offended by the burka . It represents terror oppression and says ” up yours ” to the British way of life. The recent atrocities make me despise it even more. How dare they walk around like a shrouded jihadist and how does this Christian country allow it ? It fills me with despair when I see these black sacks on legs standing in school playgrounds and we are expected to explain to our children what they represent ,! Where would you begin let me think barbarity, inhumanity, wickedness beyond a human being, oppression, head chopping, lashing the list is endless. Why bother investing in terrorist prevention when these things are free to go wherever they want shrouded like a garden umbrella in winter and no doubt spending the tax payers money . BAN BAN BAN BAN

  4. Janet Channell UNITED KINGDOM

    Because when in Rome do as Romans do.


    Totally anti social and intimidating costume

  6. jean hammond UNITED KINGDOM

    People who come to live here should abide by our rules, like we would if we were in another country. Burkas are ridiculas, dangerous as cannot see who they are, etc.
    We are far too soft in England and we are taken for granted all the time.

  7. Kate Russell UNITED KINGDOM

    Not only is the burka deeply oppressive to women,it is also a safety threat. There is no place for this backward garment in our country,especially considering recent terror threats.

  8. jean hammond UNITED KINGDOM

    dont want too many emails coming to me

  9. s rose

    please sign this partition

  10. dot waring UNITED KINGDOM

    I feel that we should have a total ban on the wearing of the burka. In the town where I reside I have to face many women covered entirely in black and the face covered by the burka. Most are pushing prams ,dragging along several small children aloof from the society they have chosen to live in. Their eyes (if exposed) are usually heavy with mascara and eye makeup and are seemingly sexually active by the number of children that follow them. Why then do they exclude themselves from our society by being anonymous?
    Everyday in the press we see people dressed in the same manner as these burka clad women , toting guns and beheading people all in the name of Islam. THE kORAN STATES THAT WOMEN SHOULD DRESS MODESTLY NOT GO OUT AND PUT THE FEAR OF GOD INTO PEOPLE. Who is under the veil is it man or women ? \Are they true peace loving muslims or terrorists?
    It is time to call a halt to the wearing of this hideous garb in Britain and in all of Europe.

  11. Tony Kitchen UNITED KINGDOM

    This item of clothing should not be worn when driving and in the current climate has no place in a christian country. It should be banned in all public places.



  13. Gordon O'Donnell UNITED KINGDOM

    Seeing faces is an essential part of communication and security

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