Blinding Vehicle Lights or Lightmare

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Created December 10, 2010 by Roy


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  1. glyn williams high wycombe UNITED KINGDOM

    Just to stop fleecing the motorist!

  2. Derek Rickards Oldbury UNITED KINGDOM

    These headlights are a danger to other road users

  3. John Tillbrook Great Dunmow UNITED KINGDOM

    I am constantly dazzled by these over bright lights, especially in rain where they are very dangerous. I do not understand why these lights are needed, especially for large 4×4 vehicles that are typically fitted with these over bright lights, which shine directly into your rear view and side mirrors.

  4. Helen Donovan Hermitage UNITED KINGDOM

    I hate driving at night because of this problem, particularly around here as there are no street lights anyway and mainly rural roads. Meeting another driver with ultra-bright lights is horrendous. Nothing wrong with my sight, as wear glasses just for reading only.

  5. Tony Penry Witney UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Katherine Harper UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Jeanne O'Reilly St Albans UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with all that has been said of the blinding lights which should be banned before more fatal accidents occur and also clamp down on drivers who switch their fog lights on when it is not necessary.

  8. Kathryn Smith Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    Dazzling headlights on unlit roads are a major hazard for drivers and pedestrians alike. Will they not encourage those drivers whose cars have these lights to go faster than might otherwise be safe?

  9. andrew grebby gateshead UNITED KINGDOM

    get rid of super bright lights once and for all

  10. Peter Brown Walsall UNITED KINGDOM

    Xenon lamps need much more legislation and heavy fines for lamps which are damaged or mis-adjusted. I wholeheartedly support this petition.

  11. James Hibbert UNITED KINGDOM

    My objection is bright car lights are at the detrement of other road users safety.

  12. Stephen Sparrow Lancaster UNITED KINGDOM

    Also object to the casual use of FOGlights in normal conditions.

  13. Allan Aspinall Coventry UNITED KINGDOM

    I get blinded and dazzled on a regular basis by vehicle with these lights and agree they are a danger to all road users. I feel they should be banned for the safety of all people on or near the roads.

  14. Edward Thomas Wrexham UNITED KINGDOM

    Standard fit are Bad but retro-fit kits should be banned as they do not meet any regulations are are frankly ridiculous…

  16. Jacqueline Willis East Bilney, Dereham UNITED KINGDOM

    Night driving is becoming increasingly more dangerous with the proliferation of exceedingly bright white lights, many of which are incorrectly adjusted so shine right into oncoming drivers. I drive with my side mirrors correctly adjusted for maximum vision, but when a following driver has such lights, I'm also blinded in my side mirrors. Thankfully my rear view mirror darkens according to the intensity of the light shining on it.

  17. Andrew Buchanan Darlington UNITED KINGDOM

    However well adjusted these headlights are, it is inevitable that they will dazzle other road users in instances such as going over the brow of a hill or bridge. This affects drivers in front as well as oncoming drivers, and is particularly bad when driving a car of average height and being followed by something like a Range Rover.

  18. adrian beswick Caucasian UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Paul Moore Redhill UNITED KINGDOM

    Going to and from Gatwick on shifts when it is dark, Range Rovers and other 4X4s with xenon lights constantly dazzle. Daytime Running Lights on Audis, Citroens and now Fords are a constant menace to the rest of us. Low lying fog appears often at the Airport, but why do so many drivers have to use them, then leave their “Fog Lights” on all the time, especially when it is clear but raining. These drivers, when I get the chance to see them at traffic lights or roundabouts, I thought would be young fresh and inexperienced. It appears it is older drivers that should know better, or have failing sight maybe, needing extra light, as their prescription glasses need an upgrade, or they are not wearing them.

  20. Rachel Martin Belfast UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes I completely agree with this. There is no reason why headlight brightness should not be monitored as part of the M.O.T tests carried out on vehicles every year. In the same way blue lights are illegal so should these.

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