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Created November 15, 2010 by Greg


If the ConDem Government are allowed to treble tuition fees in the way they have recently put forward, future generations of students will be burdened with massive amounts of debt and the poorest will be priced out of higher education. Our best universities will become little more than extensions of the discriminatory private school system where the wealthiest are guaranteed an excellent education at the cost of the rest. rnrnThe Coalition Government of cabinet millionaires just do not have a clue how difficult their intention to treble fees will make going to University for young people from middle and lower income families. They justify their cuts programme by saying it would be immoral to burden the next generation with higher debts, but yet they think it

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  1. dee Green Grays UNITED KINGDOM

    We recognise in this climate that fees must increase…But this amount is rediculous!!!!!
    How can the government expect our future to come out of education with such vast debts??

  2. Charles Macgilchrist UNITED KINGDOM
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