Bring Back Zayn

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Created March 26, 2015 by zayn malik


Guys liam cant fix things this time. Why dont we do it? Heaven knows how much we love zayn so much. Lets show him how much. That hes not alone. That its not just his battle. Its our battle as well. We’re a family. Families help each other out. Lets bring zayn back. We can do this guys. Our family is the strongest, fiercest. We can do anything. The word impossible is not in our vocabulary. Lets do it. We’re bringing you back home zayn. Back where you truly belong.

There are currently 3 signatures for this petition:

  1. zayn malik PHILIPPINES

    i just cant let him go ;/

  2. Hayden Bishop UNITED KINGDOM

    The band isn’t the same without him

  3. Ammarah Moses UNITED KINGDOM

    Because I bloody love him and I am so upset he left. I cry every night and every time i see them on tv

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