British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


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  1. Essaad Awad

    We need to fight terrorism globally

  2. Rasha Elnazer UNITED KINGDOM

    I will not tolerate terrorists living off my tax money and causing people to paint me with same brush and call peaceful hard working Muslims terrorists because we belong to the same religion

  3. Wafaa Wasef UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree

  4. Miriam Faragalla UNITED KINGDOM

    Lets fight terrorism together! May God bless Egypt and Protect it.

  5. Nevine Shulkami UNITED STATES

    against the terrorist MBs…

  6. Scota Meritaten

    The genie is out of the bottle and what has been reared for 83 years will not only bite in the Middle East, but in the heart of Europe and Britain. Time to stand up and put a stop to the crimes against humanity. Thanks.

  7. Mustapha Rajai

    The Mbs are hit men and even serial killers,we need to rid the world from them.

  8. adel gerges


  9. Mohamed

    The words says it all!!!

  10. foofa

    No for the terrorists .No place for them in our world

  11. Ashraf Aziz

    We aught to end terrorism

  12. Selim George G CANADA

    No for the terrorists, protect the inocent

  13. moheb habib ROMANIA

    against Terrorism

  14. Hoda Marzouk

    Terrorism is a inhuman horror!

  15. Enas Mohamed Shawky

    Against the terrorists MBs

  16. Moataza Sedky

    We need to fight terrorism globaly

  17. safia koptan

    i agree

  18. gamal shawky

    I respect humanity

  19. Gina Michel UNITED KINGDOM

    A completely agree

  20. Alaa Eldin Galal Faizy Mohamed

    I have seen it all,

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