British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


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  1. M karam

    I don’t think

  2. Yousreya Hafez

    The moslem Brotherhood are the source of any terrorist act worldwide.

  3. Yousreya Hafez

    Yousreya Hafez

  4. Mego Moneer


  5. amira allam

    كل المصريين ضد ارهاب الاخوان المسلمين و وراء السيسى
    All Egyptians against brotherhood’s terrorism and after El Sisi
    Each of the Egyptian people behind boss Sisi against terrorism terrorist group Brotherhood understand every day Bezdwa terror to the people through the bombings everywhere, even hospitals, next to petrol stations put explosives and burning and destroying everything you are met by a terrorist group is not interested in the homeland, but all interested in capturing the power and Vsepel it and threatening to destroy the people and Istbhon blood of the police and army and threaten their familiesThrough the media they finance terrorism and this will come to complement Ttakzu that no serious steps to control the group and all of the backers For English government to take action against this terrorist group called the Muslim Brotherhood

  6. nagwan

    brotherhood are the source of terrorism all over the world

  7. farid GERMANY

    Brotherhood are the source of terrorism all over the world ,and they are killing their opponents , all Egyptian people against their terror

  8. Hesham el Tabie Shousha UNITED KINGDOM

    I am against the terrorism ; killing innocent people by the name of Islam and we want the British Government to take action against Muslim Brotherhood who are terrorist group killing military, police and civilians in Egypt. British Government should not host these terrorist groups in its territories. Their accounts should be monitored and they use their funds to terrorist acts. So please take an action before they start their terrorist acts here.
    We are against terrorism. We appreciate the British Government support to the Egyptian government and people against terrorism but it is not enough ! British Government should consider Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. If the leader countries do not fight terrorism strongly, it will attack terrorism has no boundaries or ethics. Please act against this terrorist groups at your land, please do not host them in Uk, they are killers and criminals.

  9. Nibal Haridi

    I’m against terrorism

  10. Marian Nasr UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop the terrorists

  11. Marian Nasr UNITED KINGDOM

    Moslem brotherhood===terrorists..

  12. Wagdi Bechara

    need to see only you get theme good

  13. lashin saad ALI

    all egyptians complain of the terrorism supported by muslim brotherhood organization

  14. essam eltabiy

    All Egyptians against terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood behind Sisi

  15. nash , nashed UNITED STATES

    I m against killing the inset people and destroy every nice thing in live and I m not against any realigns because I have to respect all realigns god created but against the people calling ( enemy for live )

  16. Magda Hanafi

    Terrorism has not country and has no religion

  17. Asmaa Hussien

    We have to fight terrorism starting with Muslim brotherhood.

  18. Elsayed Hussien

    Muslim brotherhood created all the fanatic islamic organizations all over the world. They don’t care about killing people or bloodshed just to achieve what they want.

  19. Milad Iskander

    God bless Egypt

  20. hisham zein HONG KONG

    Let us get rid of hatred spread out by extremists

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