British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


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  1. صالح عبده

    مصر تحارب الارهاب في صورة الاخوان الارهابيين في مصر والعالم باسم الدين It is an excellent idea for us Egyptians to fight with all the means the Terrorist Groups all over the world. Make sure through the media that their evil plans are uncovered. Therefore, as an Egyptian woman I raise my voice to say NO to the MB. We want to protect our People and our Country from such extremists using Religion for their own good.

  2. heba oyas

    تحيا مصر ويحيا السيسى و يسقط كل ارهابى خائن فقد ثبت بكل دليل قاطع ان جماعه الاخوان الارهابيه هى ام كل الارهاب فى العالم.
    Long live Egypt and live Sisi and every terrorist traitor fall has proved all the conclusive evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist is the mother of all terrorism in the world.

  3. ahmed youssef zeina

    We shall not accept these kind of atrocities from muslim brother hood…secondly they are not muslims brother hood….they are bloody terrirost group, just like isl and boko haram….international law should condem them to the death penalty….must must..

  4. Mona eldefrawi

    They are not muslims nor brothers. They are evil.

  5. Mohamed Nabil Abaza

    Terrorism is not Islam

  6. A.Abdelsamad CANADA

    It is time to fight terrorism globally.All terrorist groups are created by Muslim-brotherhood organization and their Ideology.

  7. Afaf Ghobrial UNITED STATES

    Egypt is always high and we will always fight against terrorism

  8. Samia Saroufeem UNITED KINGDOM

    These terrorists are barbarians. They lost their humanity and with it they should lose their human rights. If we don’t ban this organisation, we are allowing them to spread their hatred. What about the rights of people to live in peace. They have no shame. They are pure evil. Burning a young man alive in the 21sr century !!

  9. Seham El Habbak

    Against Terrorism

  10. hossam

    Brotherhood are the source of terrorism all over the world ,and they are killing their opponents , all Egyptian people against their terro

  11. A.lateef.messiri

    Muslim Brotherhood does not belong to Islam who Messenger Muhammad .. extremist ideas terrorist group al-Qaeda .. then Daash of manufacture .. the threat of terrorism goes soon as they made it to the United States and the West .abd Fattah Sisi fight terrorism alone in the Middle East .. but behind every Egyptian People 90 million. To announce the West and America Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

  12. Gizela Jean Azoury

    Because I am Egyptian and fighting terrorism.

  13. Sherif Isaac UNITED KINGDOM

    stop the terrorists, stop Muslim brotherhood

  14. Nesrine Emarah

    Stop supporting terrorism

  15. Mohamed Zidan

    i believe it’s now or never to end more than 80 years of terrorism and conspiracy under the name of Islam created and executed by Muslim Brotherhood and their offspring allover the world… i am an Egyptian Muslim and i know these terrorists do not belong to Islam, Egypt or humanity

  16. Mostafa Ragab UNITED KINGDOM

    it is time that we all united against terrorism, we all suffered, groups using religion as a cover up for their political aim, killing innocent people in a barbaric cold blood should not be allowed to practice in the UK or any where else, the Brother hood should never have a free hand in the UK miss leading young people, this will fire back badly on all of us.
    Stop it now before it is too late.

  17. karim

    to move the european public opinion against the muslim brotherhood

  18. walid Mansour EGYPT

    More peaceful Egypt

  19. waalidmanour EGYPT

    for more peaceful egypt

  20. Nabil A. El Shami

    I am an 80 years Egyptian citizen.
    All my life I have noticed all the crimes the Muslim Brotherhood committed.
    They using the Islam as their way to govern the world.
    Never hated any organization or even human as much as I hate the terrorist organization known as: Muslim Brotherhood.

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