British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


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  1. Asmaa Ibrahem Mohamad

    ِAll Egyptians against terrorism

  2. Nabil A. El Shami

    I am an 80 years old Egyptian citizen. All my life I have noticed and lived all the crimes the Muslim Brotherhood committed. They are using the Islam as their way to govern the world. They got their first chance by governing Egypt for one year and failed.
    Thanks to our people and our leader El Sisi.
    Never hated any organization or even human as much as I hate the terrorist organization known as: Muslim Brotherhood. – See more at:

  3. Nesrine Emarah

    Stop supporting terrorists

  4. Doaa Borie UNITED KINGDOM

    I stand against terrorism and terrorists who are using Islam as a weapon against human nature of its all kinds
    I love Egypt my beloved country and I will never tolerate any kind of terror against her
    Love you Egypt

  5. Mayada Hekail UNITED KINGDOM

    Against terrorism

  6. hatem


  7. Pavly Samir Mahros Betros

    Kuwait, Salmyia, Bahrain street

  8. khalil m. kh SAUDI ARABIA

    I support EGYPT &presidant ABD-EL-FATAH EL-SISI&the egyptian army

  9. Ashraf Eweida UNITED KINGDOM

    For a better Egypt!

  10. Aisha Anwar UNITED KINGDOM

    Against using Islam as a weapon

  11. محمد شبل ROMANIA

    الارهاااب لادين له
    ولا يجب التساهل معه
    الاخوان مثل السرطان اجتزوه قبل الانتشار اكثر ولا تحتضنوه
    عزائنا لشهداء الجيش المصري
    ومعاذ الكساسبي

  12. Dr.Alia Eltawil Beglinger

    Muslim Brotherhood has commited atrocities from killing, crucifying and have maimed egyptians all over the country. They have burned businesses, mosques’s and over 80 coptic churches in egypt. The world stood by watching and supporting those terrorists declaring them moderate Islamist’s which is a big farce. The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother of all terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda, Hamas, ISIL, Boco Haram and others.

  13. hazem

    really terrorist group

  14. محمد شبل ROMANIA

    كل الجماعات التكفيرية خرجت من رحم جماعة الاخوان المسلمين.
    اغلقوا مكاتبها ليس لبحكم فينا ولكن نصيحة لكي تتجنبوا ما حدث ويحدث في العالم العربي
    اوقفوا الدعم

  15. Ahmad E. Ahmad

    Peace & prosperity of humans as well as people lives in Egypt, are threatened by Islamic Orthodox (Al Ekhwan Al Muslemin) whom threatening the worlds peace and safety.

  16. Hanan shalash

    We truly believe that the Muslim brotherhood are terrorists

  17. afaf mohammed

    تحيا مصر

  18. Mary Henry

    I’ve seen the attacks and comments made by this group in Egypt

  19. rasha salama

    Viva Egypt

  20. Nevine

    Against terrorism everywhere

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