British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


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  1. Monita

    Against terrorism anywhere ….

  2. Aida nassef Khattab

    Stop supporting Muslim brotherhood …..!

  3. Aida nassef Khattab

    They are terrorists..

  4. ramez alzayat

    i love peace

  5. Mona Seif

    I am egyptian, muslim and against terrorim

  6. Michel

    Against terrorism anywhere

  7. Eva

    against the killing of innocents

  8. Nabila mihanni

    We support our colleague Dee all the way to get the truth out about

    I support my colleague Dee and all the world should know whoa are those terrorists and what they have done all through out the years and still going !

  9. yasirrashad UNITED KINGDOM

    ياسر رشاد

  10. Angela Boulaich

    Against Terrorism

  11. Hany eskander UNITED KINGDOM

    Against terrorism

  12. Mohamed Ismail UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    All the Egyptians behind President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and all the Egyptians against the Brotherhood terrorists

  13. Emad Gaballah Gayed

    Muslim brotherhorisodmeans terrorists.

  14. Samy Ragy Samy

    condemn terrorism.

  15. Khaled khalil

    Against terrorism

  16. Manon

    We are all human beings and it is our right to live in a peaceful atmosphere in order to build up a better futuer for u,s our children and grand children.

  17. محمد عبدالفتاح ابوزهره

    معا ضد الارهاب

  18. زينب محمود شرف

    ضد الارهاب

  19. ايه محمد ابوزهره

    against terrorism

  20. shirien kamel SWITZERLAND

    Brother hoods are terrorist

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