British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


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  1. Maha KUWAIT

    we must fight terrorism around the whole world

  2. Adel nady Mosaa

    Muslim Brotherhood. Is a terrorist group. And all the movements and coalitions are sow terror to those of the Muslim Brotherhood as the Muslim Brotherhood that is the incubator for all terrorists in the world

  3. maha hewedy

    brotherhood are tourists

  4. Tara Hanna UNITED KINGDOM


  5. lambro vassiliadis GREECE

    just because

  6. Eman Nabih

    Muslim Brotherhood announced Islamic Jihad against Egypt

  7. Ali Ahmed Abd Elhamid

    I love Egypt

  8. mohamed a. fattah

    We are all against terrorism

  9. Doctor Asharf UNITED KINGDOM

    I support the fight against terrorism

  10. mohamed aboukamer

    please agree

  11. Said sadek

    The root of terrorism is the Muslim Brotherhood. If we are serious about fighting terrorism,the mother of all terrorists, the Muslim brotherhood, must be banned.

  12. Olfat gafour

    Religions have nothing to do with terrorism and we have to stand up and fight those criminals who are simply mercenaries.

  13. mohamed

    حقا الاخوان المسلمين جماعة ارهابية

  14. Monica AUSTRALIA

    It is shame that you support a terrorist organisation

  15. mona ramis ROMANIA

    They are killers

  16. hanaa sabri

    I am against the terrorism ; killing innocent people by the name of Islam and we want the British Government to take action against Muslim Brotherhood who are terrorist group killing military, police and civilians in Egypt. British Government should not host these terrorist groups in its territories. Their accounts should be monitored and they use their funds to terrorist acts. So please take an action before they start their terrorist acts here.
    We are against terrorism. We appreciate the British Government support to the Egyptian government and people against terrorism but it is not enough ! British Government should consider Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. If the leader countries do not fight terrorism strongly, it will attack terrorism has no boundaries or ethics. Please act against this terrorist groups at your land, please do not host them in Uk, they are killers and criminals.
    - See more at:

  17. حملة تطهير الوطن العربي

    من يملك الإنسانيه والضمير
    لزم عليه علاج الانسانيه من آلام الإرهاب

  18. Dr. Hani Khalil

    it is the truth


    The west were fighting Talaban in Aphganestan and oppose the Egyptian to fight their Talaban (Muslim Brotherhood) in their own land!

  20. Lilian Bechara

    Brotherhood are terrorist stop supporting them.

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