British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


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  1. Azza Abd alla

    brotherhood are source of terrorism and all egypians against them pls stop supporting them they are killers

  2. waleed ahmed

    We support our army’s war againt terrorism

  3. Hebaallah anwer

    Brotherhood are terrorists and killers … Stop support them

  4. Samir kamel

    Islamic brotherhood don’t repesenit the Islam or Muslims

  5. محمد قمر

    الاخوان جماعه ارهابيه قتلت المصريين ونحن مع الرئيس السيسي لمواجهه جماعه الاخوان الارهابيه

  6. fareed

    All Egyptians against brotherhood’s terrorism and


    Brotherhood are terrorist stop supporting them.

  8. Eva Riad

    الاخوان يقومون كل يوم بعمليات ارهابيه وترويع المواطنين في كل محافظات مصر

  9. shaimaa hussein

    Sisi saved Egypt and all of Egyptians with him and brotherhood are source of terroism and all of Egyptians against them

  10. mohamed mahran

    كل المصريين ضد ارهاب اخوان الشياطين و وراء السيسى
    All Egyptians against brotherhood’s terrorism and

  11. tarek khalil

    Brotherhood are source of terrorism and all the Egyptians against them

  12. Mahmoud Fouad El Deeb

    I am Egyptian against terrorism especially the Muslim Brotherhood,
    and I am with you…


    The Muslim Brotherhood is a violent organisation. One cannot understand the support given to this organisation by the British government nor the delay in publishing the independent report about them. They have double talk and the BBC know that very well
    And commented on it before. They lie and always portray the other face. Britain will pay the price for sheltering those criminals. Abu Hamza and others are good example.


    Brotherhood terrorism

  15. Sahar Elsemary AUSTRALIA

    Please don’t mix Religion and Politics

  16. ahmed sharaf

    brotherhood are source of terrorism and all the gyptians against them

  17. mina samy

    When you see a group fighting the Egyptian people, it is certain that those crazy terrorist group, therefore I am against the Muslim Brotherhood (criminality Brothers)

  18. Asma ROMANIA

    We are against brother hood .and with sisi at all

  19. Dr Emad Abo-Houssin

    Terrorism is like a fire, if u don’t stop it when it starts. And wait for it to get to your house to put it down, believe me, it will eat you way before you notice.
    Let’s put it down before it starts

  20. AblA Assaf

    I’ll fighting agnst terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood organization , iam Egyptian and I love my country and the sand of my country , ill fight for it

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