Campaign for Traffic Calming Measures in Bircham View and Austin Cresent

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Created October 20, 2008 by Melanie


Traffic calming measures are desperately needed in Bircham View and Austin Cresent, Eggbuckland. Both these roads feed the local primary school and are hazardous particularly when the school opens/closes due to motorists travelling too fast. PLEASE sign our petition and help us make this area safer for our children, before there is a serious accident. Thank-you.

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There are currently 77 signatures for this petition:

  1. Ewan Melling Flavell Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM


  3. chris smith liskeard UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Jacqueline Craddock Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe all children should feel safe going to and from school.

  5. julia crocker plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    devon housing vans travel way too fast along Austin Crescent near St edwards School someone needs to speak to them

  6. Roy Colvile Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    I have measured speeds of cars in excess of 50 m.p.h. on Fort Austin Avenue past the school, and also witnessed dangerous overtaking actually on the junction at the school. The double yellow lines in front of the Co-Op are not enforced and cars often do U-turns on the junction to park on double yellow even when there is space to park safely less than 50 metres away

  7. Helen Farnsworth Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    As a parent of a child at this school PLEASE help make this area safer for my son. Shop vans should not park outside school at drop off and collection times.

  8. Steve Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Please sign up now. This really is an accident waiting to happen.

  9. Diane McGregor UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an urgent matter, how much would it cost to have a zebra crossing or similar? It will be too late when a child is injured.

  10. Jane Smith

    Are we waiting for a serious accident or injury to one of our children before action is taken?!

  11. Theresa Blake UNITED KINGDOM

    We desperately need a School Crossing Patrol or speed bumps in order to slow down the traffic. It is very hazardous to cross the road all around the school!!

  12. Sharon Hummerstone UNITED KINGDOM

    There is a problem all around the school but my personal gripe is the junction of Bircham View. Why do people insist on doing u turns at this junction ( 9/10 are parents picking their kids up from school ) and parking on the corner making it impossible to see if the road is clear of on coming traffic .

  13. Laura Bennett UNITED KINGDOM

    People parking on yellow lines and on corners at pick up time doesnt help when trying to cross the roads outside the school safely, people need to think more.

  14. Tina Eaton UNITED KINGDOM

    A few speed humps around the school would help, also a crossing of some sort as crossing the road between cars is a hazzard waiting to happen

  15. gillianpinch UNITED KINGDOM

    area needs to be made safer

  16. Tracy Holding

    There are several cars that park on the corners which make it very dangerous to cross especially when you have small children to see across the road ,something needs to be done before a child is injured or worse

  17. Karen Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    Speed bumps or zebra crossing needed, people drive like idiots along that road with no concern for anyone else.

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