Keep Clear Sign For Ark John Keats Academy

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Created January 10, 2018 by Nur Noor

Bell lane road near ark john keats academy has become a dangerous road for the community to use during school rush hour (8am-8. 30am and 3. 30pm-4pm). This is due to cars parked illegally or stopped at double yellow lines to drop off their kids. Then the children crossed the road in between the parked […]

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Europe Hands Of British Food

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Created January 31, 2016 by f e sharpe

Please sign this petition to the british government to stop the european commission interfering regarding the ingredients in british food such as breakfast cereals, cakes, ice cream, frozen food etc.

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Stop The Introduction Of Car Parking Charges In Hamworthy Park

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Created January 29, 2016 by helencraig

For over half a century hamworthy park has been enjoyed by generations both from throughout the borough and beyond – free to enter, free to park and free to play. The proposal to charge for car parking, even starting with a minimal payment, will penalise those who come daily: to deliver / collect children, to […]

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Please Don’t Close All Swindon’s Childrens Centres

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Created December 23, 2015 by Fay Howard

Petition background (preamble): swindon council plan to decommission the following five children’s centres currently provided by 4children service to achieve a reduction in the budget for this service  drove  moredon  gorse hill  pinehurst & penhill  parks & walcot east instead, create a new family support service running from penhill sure […]

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Replace East Surrey MP Mr Gyimah

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Created November 21, 2015 by Jackie Fisher

Are you satisfied with east surrey mp mr gyimah’s performance? Y/n some may consider him a freeloader why are 519 out of 635 mps more active (2014 figures) than mr gyimah when it comes to replying to their constituents. He did not reply to any emails, posts or letters to him in 2015 to support […]

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