Stop Photo-shopping On Models In Vogue

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Created September 2, 2012 by Pollie

So in 17 magazine they have promised to stop photo-shopping all the models in there magazine, but i think we should try and get it further and wider spread, if vogue cuts it, i reckon it would start a new era of the way people view themselves and natural beauty and self confidence will be […]

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Heartbreak In America

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Created July 22, 2012 by Norine

Feeling threatened? Make the colorado movie shooting the last “american tragedy! “ prevent purchase of unlimited amounts of ammunition and guns on the internet notify law enforcement asap of large purchase requests require an id for any weapon purchase let’s take care of each other and we can….. Sign this petition

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AWO Petition

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Created March 5, 2012 by Young Abu

Organised and presented by the AWO Supplementary School Parents Support Group ‘Please help SAVE our school’ For nearly 20 years the Arab Women Organisation (AWO) has used the council owned facilities at City of Leeds High School (CoLHS). Now, after we helped save CoLHS from closure the new school management has decided to terminate this […]

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Save St Hilda’s from Demolition

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Created January 2, 2012 by St Hilda

St Hilda’s Parish Church is an imposing red brick building that stands on an abrupt cliff edge in the Firth Park / Shiregreen / Wincobank area of North Sheffield. Built in the 1930′s by the architect Leslie Moore (1883-1957) it represents an ambitious build that provides one of the few interesting historic buildings in the area.  The church was closed in 2007 […]

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Save Airdrie Arts Centre For Airdrie

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Created December 22, 2011 by Robert Anthony

This was the site of the first Public Library in Scotland aided into existence by Andrew Carnegie £1000 and a further £1000 by public subscription from the people of Airdrie in 1894 having originally resided in Clerks office of The Town house. This building is a major part of Airdrie’s history and Social Culture and […]

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