Human Rights

A Referendum On Same Sex Marriage In Northern Ireland.

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Created July 4, 2017 by Curtis Lee

It’s time to demand simple human rights! Our aim is to ask for a referendum put to the people of northern ireland, and asking them if they believe that same sex marriage should be implemented in our society.

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British Bill Of Human Rights

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Created February 27, 2016 by f e sharpe

A petition to the united kingdom government to bring forward its its promised british bill of human rights

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Eligibility To Stay In New Zealand

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Created February 24, 2016 by coman lesley

Please sign this petition to support caroline coman in her right to be able to live in new zealand with her kiwi children. Her kiwi husband craig coman passed away on the 30 december 2015 and according to he authorities she ‘does not meet the criteria’ to live in nz. Caroline is self sufficient and […]

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Transgender; Should These People Be Judged?

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Created October 13, 2015 by rosie winter

Transgender people should not feel judged or discriminated on they should be treated equal. They are all human.

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Make English Language Official Language In Bulgaria

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Created August 31, 2015 by Svetla Zapryanova

As a masive fan of internet and the web technologies i would like to claim for your support here! According a big demand of the modern world and increased influence of the information technologies, social media and the web, i would like to invite you to sing that petition as a  support for making ‘the English […]

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