UK Government steals 1st week pension

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Created August 16, 2010 by Peter

If your entitlement day is not a Monday the Government steals your first weeks entitlement. Those that often can least afford it are mugged by those who have been shown guilty of helping themselves via expenses. Please vote to force them to refund the theft for at least the last 10 years and more importantly […]

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Democracy Depends On Independent Journalism

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Created August 12, 2010 by singulair

These days news is everywhere — on 24-hour cable networks, tabloids in the grocery store and even on our phones. But amid the constant chatter and competition for ad sales and ratings, the lines between fact and fiction, entertainment and hostility, thoughtful commentary and hate-based opinions have been blurred. This isn't the recipe for a […]

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Stop John Venables getting a new identity and put him back in Jail for Life

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Created July 27, 2010 by Emma

John Venables should be serving life for killing little James Bulger, but he was a child so got off lightly. However he has now broken probation rules and been arrested for child porn, receiving all of two years, he should go back for life for re-offending, lets try to get him life and stop him […]

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Justice For Skye

Myself and my daughter suffered throughout through me carrying Skye right through to me giving birth there was even problems getting my daughter released just because again they,d got her name wrong. I was left with e-coli and doctors knew about it from day one and I was only treated twice maybe three times at […]

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Free Billy Burton

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Created June 28, 2010 by Angela

In 1992 Billy Burton made the biggest mistake of his life. He had been travelling the World, ran short of money and made the terrible decision to carry drugs out of Manila. Billy was carrying cannabis and was arrested on the plane on the runway in Manila and was given a life sentence by a […]

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