Human Rights for All Babies born between 10 And 42 weeks

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Created September 10, 2010 by samantha

Our present aims Sleeping Angels aims to raise money for Family Bereavement Rooms to be located and available in all hospitals. The first hospital who has agreed to provide this service is West Middlesex Hospital, all the news and photos on this to follow shortly. We aim to create a register that will eventually be […]

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Michael Dixon

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Created August 31, 2010 by Kelli

We the undersigned urge the British and Costa Rica Governments to take a more proactive approach in the search for Michael Dixon The intent of this petition is to solicit the involvement of British Government agencies as well as the Costa Rica authorities in investigating the disappearance of our missing son, brother, friend and colleague, […]

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UK Government steals 1st week pension

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Created August 16, 2010 by Peter

If your entitlement day is not a Monday the Government steals your first weeks entitlement. Those that often can least afford it are mugged by those who have been shown guilty of helping themselves via expenses. Please vote to force them to refund the theft for at least the last 10 years and more importantly […]

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Democracy Depends On Independent Journalism

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Created August 12, 2010 by singulair

These days news is everywhere — on 24-hour cable networks, tabloids in the grocery store and even on our phones. But amid the constant chatter and competition for ad sales and ratings, the lines between fact and fiction, entertainment and hostility, thoughtful commentary and hate-based opinions have been blurred. This isn't the recipe for a […]

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Stop John Venables getting a new identity and put him back in Jail for Life

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Created July 27, 2010 by Emma

John Venables should be serving life for killing little James Bulger, but he was a child so got off lightly. However he has now broken probation rules and been arrested for child porn, receiving all of two years, he should go back for life for re-offending, lets try to get him life and stop him […]

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