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Created September 29, 2010 by Sophia

Please sign this petition, everyone has rights to express themselves and school just stops it. and i dont think this is right. and i might be getting excluded for my hair. and many other people have before because of their hair. i think it is stupid how you can't dye your hair a colour you […]

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Justice For John Climo

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Created September 23, 2010 by christine

On the 6th February 2006 my brother John Climo was convicted in Preston crown Court, by a 10-2 majority of Murder. John was 1 of 6 people arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Mr Kenneth Iddon, 57, in Ormskirk, Lancashire. This was my brothers 2nd trial as the first one saw 5 […]

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Created by KAY

My son Nick Rose was convicted of a murder he did not commit….The murder was supposed to have happened on the 28th feb 2004, to this day there has been no body found…. He was convicted in feb 2005 and has been in prison now for over 6 years…we have had one appeal but we […]

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Unjust fee changes for UK visas

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Created September 13, 2010 by Helen

The UKBA is proposing fee increases that represent a violation of constitutional rights of British citizens as well as an unjust hardship on many families. We need to educate and act on the information in this petition. Please circulate it as widely as possible. On 9 September, the UK Borders Agency published a notice of […]

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Human Rights for All Babies born between 10 And 42 weeks

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Created September 10, 2010 by samantha

Our present aims Sleeping Angels aims to raise money for Family Bereavement Rooms to be located and available in all hospitals. The first hospital who has agreed to provide this service is West Middlesex Hospital, all the news and photos on this to follow shortly. We aim to create a register that will eventually be […]

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