Save Sikhs in Dubai

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Created May 10, 2010 by Deepa

Yesterday Reena and I met with the London Sikh Centre (after organising Reena's wedding at their gurdwara) who have asked us to create a facebook event with the attempt to get together as many members of the young sikh community. Some of you may already be aware that 17 of our sikh brothers are captured […]

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Introduce tougher sentencing for perpetrators of domestic abuse

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Created December 26, 2009 by Kimberley

We believe the UK legal system is too lenient on perpetrators of domestic abuse. All too often, the perpetrators are sentenced to community service, a suspended sentence, or sometimes just a fine. These sentences do not reflect the torment their victims are put through. We believe the perpetrators should be given a jail term, as […]

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Obtain more funding for CCTV cameras in schools

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Created December 13, 2009 by Haleema

Everyday children and teenagers go to school in danger from drugs and cigarretes. A adult can\'t supervise pupils all the time, so for that time we have CCTV cameras, but unfortunetly schools in Britain don\'t have enough funding to have CCTV cameras in all essential areas. If more funding was available bullying would dramatically decrease, […]

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Block X factor from covering dont stop believin By Journey

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Created November 30, 2009 by David

Please help us fill out this petition to stop X-Factor from slaughtering yet another classic and meaningful song.

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Stop Hackney Council from investing in BAe

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Created November 4, 2009 by Matt

We, the undersigned, call on Hackney Borough Council to adopt a policy of ethical investment and dispose of holdings in arms companies, starting with BAe Systems, given its links with corrupt practices. Currently Hackney Council has over £5 million invested in BAe Systems, far more than any other London borough. BAe manufactures and sells components […]

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