Let’s Get Jacksepticeye To 10 Million Subscribers!

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Created March 5, 2016 by LilyPop Jackaboyda

“jacksepticeye” is a successful gaming yt channel created by one sean william mcloughlin, an irish gamer with a tendency to shout sporadically. His most popular series include “happy wheels,” “subnautica” and many others. “jack”`s channel’s grown so quickly – it hit 8 million subscribers in january and in march has just reached 9. Following this […]

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Get The Facebook Page Slendy Deleted.

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Created October 8, 2012 by Price

The reason you should support this petition is because people put a lot of work into their pages and the page slendy hacks them or takes them down by getting his fans to “raid” them. If you own or admin a page you’ll understand how it would feel to loose all of your hard work. […]

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Bring Flags To 4chan’s /pol/

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Created July 2, 2012 by Yuro

Flags would be the best addition to the board imaginable. Just think about it.

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Stop Club Penguin Advertising Things Associated With Disney

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Created June 28, 2012 by Club Penguin Factz

Soon club penguin won’t have any club penguin left in it. Disney are using our beloved game to advertise their own services. Like the marvel takeover, and shake it up. We need to put a stop to this and fast.

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Help Us With The Removal Of This Hateful Tumblr Blog

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Created May 7, 2012 by Kitty Chan

This blogs purpose has turned into a malicious place for users and “trolls” to make hurtful, hateful comments about anything and everything they want, the purpose of this blog was never to name and shame, slag off and generally hate on artists. Whither its about the artists personally ot there art. These peolpe should of […]

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