Castrating Peadophiles

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Created March 11, 2016 by Kinsay Smith

As of yesterday march 10th 2016 i found out that this man, my dad has just been sent back to prison because hes a peadophile! It should be made into law that scumbags like him agree to be medically castrated before being let back into society again. It works in america so why are we […]

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Stop My Agony Aunt From Leaving

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Created July 22, 2015 by Donna Fyfe

Chris is one in a million and is my agony aunt, that usually doesn’t listen to what i’m whingeing about but just lets me moan. Then tells me to go home for wine. Yipp chris i blame you for me being a wino. Chris is our bucket list champion and keeps us informed about all […]

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Thomas Cook Should Give Their £3.5 To The Shepherd Family

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Created May 17, 2015 by Pat Jolly

Is is right that thomas cook receives £3. 5 million pounds from the hotel where christi and bobby shepherd died… While the parents who could have also died along with their children only receive £350,000 each…. Thomas cook achieved £8. 6 billion in sales last year. Add that to the money thos cook have made […]

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Get Rid Of Skill Based Match Making In Cod Advanced Warfare

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Created December 12, 2014 by Oliver Marsh

Skill based match making is wrecking a perfectly good game, @shgames sort this **** out and fix your game that i prayed £50 for!

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Wanting A Pelican Crossing To Make The Road Safer For Children To Cross The Road Infront Of Marnel Jr School, Popley Way Basingstoke

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Created December 1, 2014 by anna young

My daughter was hit by a car at 8am on wednesday 26th novermber 2014 and was badly hurt on the popley way by the junction of shakespeare road. This petition is for a pelican crossing to be put on both roads in front of marnel jr school to make the road more safer for children […]

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