Thomas Cook Should Give Their £3.5 To The Shepherd Family

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Created May 17, 2015 by Pat Jolly

Is is right that thomas cook receives £3. 5 million pounds from the hotel where christi and bobby shepherd died… While the parents who could have also died along with their children only receive £350,000 each…. Thomas cook achieved £8. 6 billion in sales last year. Add that to the money thos cook have made […]

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Get Rid Of Skill Based Match Making In Cod Advanced Warfare

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Created December 12, 2014 by Oliver Marsh

Skill based match making is wrecking a perfectly good game, @shgames sort this **** out and fix your game that i prayed £50 for!

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Wanting A Pelican Crossing To Make The Road Safer For Children To Cross The Road Infront Of Marnel Jr School, Popley Way Basingstoke

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Created December 1, 2014 by anna young

My daughter was hit by a car at 8am on wednesday 26th novermber 2014 and was badly hurt on the popley way by the junction of shakespeare road. This petition is for a pelican crossing to be put on both roads in front of marnel jr school to make the road more safer for children […]

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Lexi’s Law

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Created September 28, 2014 by jodi hudson

In November 2013 I tragically lost my beautiful daughter, she was only 4 such a happy little girl she was my world and now my world has gone. I got a dog from a dog rescue centre and I only had it 4 weeks and  that day will haunt me forever the 5th of November the […]

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Abandon Mcpvp Hg, Focus On Making Hg V2 Great!

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Created September 11, 2014 by Jack Griffin

Hg has been suffering from a slow decline for an age now, and with the exciting prospect of pheonix hg continuing where it left off is by far enough to warrant mcpvp’s community stopping attempts to “save” hg, the hardcore games had a good run, but some people are beginning to notice that these large […]

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