Youth Issues

Allow Hampton College Students To Wear Subtle / Pale Nail Polish

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Created June 16, 2015 by Kelly Bennett

Banning all nail varnish for young adults in school is unrealistic and unnecessary. This rule is not written anywhere and is contradicted by members of staff wearing dark / vivid colours on their own nails. Wearing nail varnish doesn’t effect your education. Subtle / pale shades of nail varnish can be an elegant way of […]

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Stop Samantha’s Children Being Taken From Their Loving Home

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Created May 20, 2014 by Shanette Hopkins

Samantha woodburn is a loving, caring single mother of 7 beautiful children, those children belong at home with her where they are happy and contented sign this petition to show the judge how much support sam and her children have in the hope they will make the right decision and leave her children in her […]

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No Uniforms For School

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Created October 3, 2013 by tre

School uniforms–some love them and some hate them. ┬áSign this petition if your support no uniforms for school.

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Equal Access To Higher Education At Warwick University

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Created November 20, 2012 by Mame

The National Union of Students (NUS) and Student Action for Refugees (STAR) are calling for equal access to education for students seeking refugee protection in Britain. The Equal Access campaign is calling for: All those seeking refugee protection to be able to study as home students; Students seeking refugee protection to be recognised as having […]

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Petition For Luke Dunford Not To Get Suspended

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Created March 21, 2012 by Lukas

Write your petition here! Ok so basiclly im getting suspended for poking someone, please sign this, for me, and as a big general **** you to the school

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