Defend The Right To Protest – Oppose The Criminalisation Of Protest

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Created March 16, 2012 by Glasgow


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  2. Graeme Semple

    Our right to protest is a “RIGHT” and should be written into any constitution that arises, either through independence or through a UK written constitution.

  3. Ryan Gibson

    There is no right more important than the right to protest. Without it, all other rights could so easily crumble, and no one could do a thing to stop it.

  4. laura stuart

    good luck

  5. Christos Palmer UNITED KINGDOM

    Greetings from Cymru, RESIST the fascists!

  6. Alexander Kerr

    Protest is the cornerstone of the Democratic system of government, treating people who engage in protest as criminals only serves to loosen our grip on our leaders

  7. Peter Wilson UNITED KINGDOM

    We are the 99%, we are the people, we support political prisioners.

  8. chris wilson

    keep up the good work for a real democracy not the fake one we have now.

  9. chris wilson

    keep up the good work defending peoples rights and true democracy not the fake we have now

  10. James McEvoy UNITED KINGDOM

    I liked the video, good luck.

  11. Derek Watt UNITED KINGDOM

    This is literally taking a liberty

  12. Terence campbell

    Keep the fighting up

  13. Mark Connor UNITED KINGDOM

    People right to freedom of speech. privacy and civil liberties is an inherent right and the political policing needs to stop. We don’t want a police state mentality and if we let this go, our liberties and right to protest will be under threat.

  14. Mary Murphy UNITED KINGDOM

    I have not heard from Dominic How did the trial go
    Your friend Mary

  15. Jack Lane UNITED KINGDOM

    Great work :) best wishes from london!

  16. Mark Pearson UNITED KINGDOM

    When people exercise real democratic rights (i.e. taking action capable of changing the balance of forces) that is when they find the state has allowed them none. Victory to the GDC!

  17. Issy Corfield UNITED KINGDOM

    You cannot take away people’s right to a non-violent protest. Our freedom is being eroded so much not just in our country but everywhere. There is an underlying agenda which has yet to make an appearance. All this will produce is a revolution. Remember, if we cannot be free then what have we got to lose.

  18. Stephen McCallum

    Good work

  19. Bill Turner UNITED KINGDOM

    Political policing took off in the 1980s with the miners’ strike (where are they now?). The new Tory govt (with LibDem human shield) are wielding a big axe over the Police force’s salaries and conditions – can’t the Police smell the coffee yet? Et tu Brute!

  20. Chantal Murray

    “The only way for evil to thrive is for good men (and women) to do nothing”

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