End the School Run Created Congestion

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Created November 26, 2010 by Victoria


Anyone who travels to work during school holidays knows that there is a significant drop in congestion. We would like the UK Government to acknowledge that traffic levels and accident levels are significantly increased during term times as parents now drive their children to school instead of allowing them to walk or use public transport.

We suggest that the government considers either revising school start times so that by starting earlier the school traffic is gone by the time most people are commuting to work, OR consider establishing a national schoolbus service such as that in the United States which would pick children up at the end of their street and drop them at the school and then drop them at the end of their street at the end of the school day. Either of these solutions would significantly reduce congestion during peak times.

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  2. Anjelika Rimkoute London UNITED KINGDOM

    I travel to work in Hounslow every day. It takes me more then an hour during term time to go from Heston to Isleworth, and just 30 min during holiday time. The congestion is unbelievable

  3. David Beacham UNITED KINGDOM

    Get more kids cycling and walking when possible

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