Eric Joyce – Request For His Resignation

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Created March 17, 2013 by jeanette


We, the undersigned, request that eric joyce resign as the mp for falkirk. Mr joyce continues to bring the whole of the falkirk area into disrepute by his unacceptable behaviour. This is not a party political issue but one which involves all residents. We believe the people of falkirk are entitiled to the opportunity to elect a suitable candidate who is capable of representing our interests without publicly humiliating himself and his constituents in the eyes of the whole of the uk.

There are currently 34 signatures for this petition:

  1. w pollock UNITED KINGDOM
  2. adam stevenson UNITED KINGDOM

    I have asked time and time again for his help on a constituency issue and there’s no one home. he can’t represent us anymore it is shocking tht this issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

  3. Wayne Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Shocked that this man is STILL a member of parliament.

  4. Craig Dunain UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Robert J S Christie UNITED KINGDOM

    He has singularly failed as an MP whether drunk or sober!


    You are unfit for any kind of public office. You are unfit to serve the public in any way. You have failed those who needed your help most. You have failed to represent and stand up for them. Go check yourself into Rehab and donate your MP salary to charity and make some use of your shameful self.

  7. Peter Howson UNITED KINGDOM

    Politicians of all parties still don’t get it. — The public is fed up with the hypocrisy exhibited by the majority of politicians – at all levels – It’s time for a new way of selecting candidates, but more pressing is the need for a new system for voters to rid us of these failures.

  8. Mrs Jennifer Holmes UNITED KINGDOM

    Because…he is a disgrace!

  9. sheila hogan UNITED KINGDOM

    Because I agree totally with the letter in The Falkirk Herald.The people of Falkirk are currently unrepresented!

  10. Craig Stewart UNITED KINGDOM

    The man has taken politics in Falkirk to a new low, history will remember him as a thug and his career is also littered with controversy.

  11. james chalmers UNITED KINGDOM

    he is a deceiptful man who has dragged the good name of the people of Falkirk into disrepute.

  12. elizabeth mcguire UNITED KINGDOM

    His behaviour and attitude is not what I expect from an honorable member of parliament. He does not deserve to represent the people of Falkirk.

  13. Stephen McGuire UNITED KINGDOM
  14. David Anderson UNITED KINGDOM

    he is a dishonourable drunken bar fly waster that has disgraced himself and failed his constituents, his party and his country on numerous occasions. He is totally unfit to hold the position as M.P.

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