Exeter Needs A Sports Facility Strategy

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Created November 18, 2017 by Alison Styles


Exeter city council (ecc) do not have a sports facility strategy. Without this policy sports clubs in and around exeter are unable to apply to their sports governing bodies for grants and financial support. For many groups it is vital to access these funds to ensure the clubs have sports halls, gyms, pitches and pools that are safe and fit for purpose. As an essential part of health & wellbeing, better facilities would encourage more to take up sport. Ecc are currently the only local council within devon not to have a sports facility or playing pitch strategy. Without either there is no cohesive plan to include leisure amenities when new housing is built. There is no clear strategy to keep or improve the services we currently have. There is no policy to ensure that facilities are adequate for the current population of the local area or for the fast growing new estates. I was told in december 2016 that ecc did have a draft document and would be consulting on it in 2017, after previously being told it was due to be published in the autumn of 2016. The time table for the playing pitch strategy shows the latest date for approval should have been february 2017. No such time table has been issued to the public regarding the more important sports facility strategy. Please sign this petition to ask the under secretary of state for sport and civil society to investigate why ecc has delayed the publication of these vital documents. With the importance of sport and leisure for both physical and mental wellbeing high on political agendas, we would like a definitive date of publication.

There are currently 17 signatures for this petition:

  1. Alison Styles

    ECC are dragging their feet over this – which raises the question why? These vital strategies would ensure that Exeter has the sports facilities it really needs and deserves and not just what this council assumes we want.

  2. Janet Longhurst UNITED KINGDOM

    I cannot fathom why Exeter City Council would not want to have this policy completed & in place.
    They say they pride themselves on being proactive, forward thinking & intent on making Exeter a shining example!
    Sadly the evidence contradicts this.

  3. Elisabeth Ostrom

    This document is long overdue as is a 50m swimming pool.

  4. Tracy Willis UNITED KINGDOM

    We need proper sports facilities

  5. Tracey White UNITED KINGDOM

    How can ECC develop a leisure centre for the community of Exeter without understanding its needs – the sporting strategy document would identify this. Build a 50m pool / leisure facility.

  6. Glenn Currie UNITED KINGDOM

    Come on Exeter let’s have the facility you seem to think you are trying to build let’s have a 50m pool with great sporting facilities but make sure it’s in the right location at the right price

  7. Henry Irvine UNITED STATES

    Long overdue

  8. Helen Townsend UNITED KINGDOM

    The council is fully aware that this document is needed in order to access funds from sporting bodies, they’ve known this for years yet they still seem to be delaying. How can a council plan an infrastructure and what sporting facilities are needed in this City without it??

  9. David Palmer

    Is there a strategy for including school sport and access to facilities for all ages? Do the current facilities even meet the current demand or potential demand let alone that of the near future? While the focus is on providing for the people of Exeter there is a huge market outside the city boundaries as well, potentially bringing in significant finances to support these facilities.

  10. Shelagh Ratcliffe UNITED KINGDOM

    Agree that Sports Facility Strategy is needed.


    Seems strange to me that any local government organisation would not have a strategy document for sports facilities. Exeter is the regional capital and has recently planned to replace sports facilities it owns. To find this is being done without reference to a sports and health strategy is something that should be put right.

  12. Zara Trickett UNITED KINGDOM

    This is long overdue for the area

  13. Guy Peters UNITED KINGDOM

    About time Exeter City council started the process to allow a proper plan for Exeter . The city needs a coordinated effort to achieve what the public want. At the moment we have a council who are out of their depth and wasting millions on projects no one wants or asked for .

  14. Dean Drury

    This should have been completed years ago and I’m afraid as a result of this not being done, Exeter is missing out on not having what the City of this stature needs and deserves. It does not make sense that this has not been completed and I question why it hasn’t?

  15. Polly Johns UNITED KINGDOM

    Exeter’s approach to community sport needs a future. Use your voice to spread the benefits of all sports by coming together and developing a plan for progression.

  16. James Haigh UNITED KINGDOM

    Please obligate Exeter City Council to produce a ‘Sports Facility Strategy’ document. There has been talk of this being produced by the Council for many years but without any progress. This is long overdue.
    Thanks for your support with this.

  17. Peter Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    Exeter is sadly lacking behind other Cities when it comes to purpose built facilities I would like to see an olympic sized poo,l 3g playing surfaces for all abilities, indoor tennis courts, I could name more but this would be a good starter

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