Fight For Inferno

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Created April 12, 2009 by Becky



In the year 2000 one our beloved programmes in the UK finished airing. The brilliant Gladiators series finished as ITV slashed the production from our TV screens after 9 years of endless all action, impulsive viewing. In 2008 SKY TV brought back the franchise and along with them a new breed of gladiators, tougher, meaner and stronger. 6 Men and 6 women arose on to our Television sets. One such woman the Character known as Inferno (Jemma Palmer) as graced our screens with such divine elegance which has filtered the hearts of so many across the nation and internationally. Inferno is the most striking female gladiators there has ever been, on top of that she is pro wrestler with a purple belt in sub missive wrestling, a fitness competitor and a fine climber. All attributes on top of her modelling career which has made her an almost perfect gladiator. However over the past two series Sky TV and Shine Limited have confined her abilities to a minimum effect which we want to change! If you would like to see more of this beautiful young woman and her true abilities then please add your name to this petition. Your name will not just promote our beliefs that she is potentially one of the best gladiators we have ever had but it is also a chance for us fans to say we believe in her and her abilities and that she has the best fans in the world.

let?s not waste this woman?s talent.

We think inferno deserves her chance

There are currently 2 signatures for this petition:

  1. Becky White UNITED KINGDOM
  2. ricky murray corby UNITED KINGDOM

    i think inferno is being robbed of her potential , somthing needs to happen

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