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Created May 16, 2010 by sam

Human Rights

Jamal Parchment was convicted as part of the Joint Enterprise law for a murder he never committed, even the judge stated he wasn't the murderer but was still sentenced to life of 30 years imprisonment. we intend to fight to clear his name for as long as its necessary. We need YOUR help!, and would so appreciate it if you could all PLEASE sign this petition. were hoping and praying that the positive feedback from this petition will allow Jamal to appeal, be granted a retrial, a FAIR!! trial, as is his and every one else's right, according to the Human Rights Act, followed by the true verdict of NOT GUILTY and his release from prison Thank you!!, We will campaign for the release of Jamal Parchment until this Miscarriage of Justice is rectified and Jamals conviction is overturned and he is released from prison.

There are currently 199 signatures for this petition:

  1. Jayne hall UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Paul taylor
  3. Pauline Dobson UNITED KINGDOM
  4. louise lowers UNITED KINGDOM

    Because.the justice system is so wrong their are so many innocent kids in prison for crimes they never commited …

  5. susan parchment UNITED KINGDOM

    Beause….In Christ there is Liberty, justice. He is King of Kings , Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The One over all courts, and so called lords. He taught me No does not have to mean no, opposition is to sieve out those who have no faith or little faith in God. That one can speak to a mountain (of issues and they will be removed, if one has faith in Him, His Word, His name and Power and Truths. Of which I do. As long as I receive Him as my Lord and Saviour of which there CAN BE NO OTHER, to qualify as The Saviour and Believe On Him and all possible in His Name. IT WILL BE, AN REMOVED. He taught me there is an enemy of God and man, in this universe and cast to earth, in the spiritual realm, who is so real and My God taught me how to recognize that enemies presence and tactics and schemes behind the scenes, as he can not be seen with the physical eye or heard with the physical ears. However can be felt, perceived by the knowledge of his characterisics, strategies, devices and aims. Also on the other hand how I will know the characteristics, strategies and aims of God and to know the difference. As both can only operate in the spiritual realm. So to be armed and fore warned My Merciful God taught through His Word what to look out for, to know who and what is going on without the use of physical eyes and ears. To spiritually discern Truth from untruth, Good from evil (even when mixed as often is with a little good with evil) hard to discern and detect, What and who is God directing and talking and revealing from when the enemy Satan is counterfeiting but with adverse outcomes. Satan has a seat in all authority mediums and avenues, even within faith worship places and if you do not know how to detect his presence when mingling in with family, friends, places of worship, places of work, in every sphere and dimension on earth you leaving the door open for his manipulation, destruction of lives, stealing of all you have been sent here to do and accomplish, all God gave you equipt in life to fulfill your assignment while here. So Because of all God has taught me of Truth and Justice. Jamel shall be freed and acquitted in the near future and go on to help others who are caught up and wrongly convicted or stepping in the path of destruction. I declare this In Jeus Name Amen

  6. stacey james
  7. ami doue UNITED KINGDOM


  9. Raspect Fyabinghi UNITED KINGDOM

    Everyone deserves the right to a fair trail!

  10. holly beard UNITED KINGDOM
  11. susan parchment UNITED KINGDOM

    He is not guilty of murder so why is he locked up for such lengthy jail term as if he is. Joint enterprise doesn’t give justice it is just a lazy way for the system to collectively gather and dump who they don’t know what or how to deal with all in one sweep and lock away and forget about them. Injustice and so many are of ethnic minorities forgotten and buried alive behind prison walls. Branded guilty and out of sight and mind of society.

  12. Sam causer MALTA


  13. dave gunn nottm UNITED KINGDOM

    spoke with j tonight,served a long stretch with all the lads,my bro also doing life 35,corruption is rife and should be beaten,best of luck to stacey,mum and all the family;stay strong and positive,free the j fella,now……

  14. dave gunn nottm UNITED KINGDOM

    free my pal,now…..

  15. Jamie parchment

    The system is against everyone.. free jolly..


    Free jamal

  17. michael westwood UNITED KINGDOM

    Just been released from prison myself 19 yrs for nothing based on lies and a corrupt trial. Jamals case is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice i have ever come to learn of in history. Jamal is innocent but serving a life sentence without comitting a single crime where is the justice??? Corruption is rife in the justice system to the point where there is no justice at all. STAY STRONG JOLLY THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

  18. Sureyya Parchment UNITED KINGDOM

    Stumbled across this because of the name, It is not right.

  19. cameron bailey UNITED KINGDOM

    Free jamel total injustice

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