Gays And Lesbiens Should Be Allowed Get Married In Ireland

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Created May 12, 2009 by Aliice

Human Rights

I Believe Gays And Lesbiens Should Be Allowed To Get Married In Ireland.I Think It's Unfair To Tell People They Can't Get Married Just Because They Want To Marry Someone Of The Same Sex

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  1. Aliice Casey Dublin, Ireland IRELAND

    I Believe It's Horrible That Gays And Lesbiens Can't Get Married In Ireland

  2. Lena Lamperouge NETHERLANDS

    This is 2009 not 1509. No country's laws should still be shaped by mediaeval religions. If if they do they should throw alway their pc's and mobile phones and go back to wearing hessian gowns and sandals. Perhaps like the middle East.

  5. simon humphries UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Nick Griffin London UNITED KINGDOM


  7. Albert Appleton Surrey IRELAND

    I believe that gays should be allowed to marry in the green isle that is Ireland.
    If two people love each other to the point of marriage they should have the right to wed.
    There's no two ways about it; gays are human beings and we're not living in the Dark Ages anymore.
    It is about time that the Irish government understand and accept this.
    Therefore I feel gays should have the right to marry in Ireland and anywhere and everywhere else.
    Thank you,
    Albert J. Appleton

  8. Caroline Hurlock Ellesmere Port UNITED KINGDOM

    I admire you for setting this petition up and support it's cause. However, in order to give the best impression to others, and therefore, maximise signatures, please check your spelling! Lesbien is incorrect, and should be spelt lesbian.

  10. Florence Hickey Dublin Ireland IRELAND
  11. Alessandra Murgatroyd Dublin IRELAND

    I think it's stupid that the catholic won't allow gays and lesbians get married as they claim it's aganist God to be intimate with someone of the same gender and that marriage should only be done so that a couple can have children. Priests used to sexually abuse little boys and people are having children out of marriage so why can't to people who love each other get married? Can someone please explain to me why the catholic church have so much power over the government? Cause I just don't understand it.

  12. Kayleigh Brooks Crawley UNITED KINGDOM
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