Help Get Sophie Her Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (sdr) Operation

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Created February 19, 2014 by Nat Rider


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  1. darron maddox

    to give her a better life


    Sophie needs this operation and to take it away just beacuse her mummy was rushed into hospital and could do nothing about it is wrong. I hope you get your operation Sophie xx

  3. Leanne Matthews UNITED KINGDOM

    Sophie needs this operation and to take it away just beacuse her mummy was rushed into hospital and could do nothing about it is wrong. I hope you get your operation Sophie xx

  4. Kay Perkins

    This is terrible this little girl should be offered this op again x she will have a far better quality of life xx you bring people to this country for operations yet this little girl has to fight for hers x it’s disgusting x x please please help this poor little girl and don’t let her suffer anymore xx

  5. Jane Rider

    Sophie is my Granddaughter,she desperately needs this operation.

  6. Lance Rider

    Sophie is my Granddaughter,she deserve’s this operation….she’s been through so much in her little life…

  7. Lisa Cotterell UNITED KINGDOM

    Please give Sophie the operation she needs. X

  8. Viv Green

    Every child should have the right to have the health care available to make their lives the best they can be. There should not be a price on this . If a relevant operation is available then that should be carried out . Good health care should not be just for the rich and famous who can afford private procedures , it should be for available for all , that is what the NHS should deliver. So please get this operation sorted out asap for Sophie , it could change her life for the better considerably. Do the decent thing !!

  9. julia evans

    Please give this beautiful young lady a chance at doing what we mostly take for granted, WALKING, this operation would change not just Sophie`s life but also the whole family.

  10. Gary Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    Sophie is my daughter and think that just because her mom had to have a operation on the day of Sophie’s 2nd appointment this doesn’t justify cancelling her op this is very important and will hopefully let sophie have a better life and more independence in the future and make all our lives easier

  11. Carolyn Thackeray

    Please give this poor little girl the operation she deserves. Surely her parents shouldn’t have to go through all this, to give their daughter a better quality of life??

  12. Karen pallett

    Sophie deserves and needs this operation, she only missed a test because her mum had to have surgery, let her have a better quality of life x

  13. sarah healey UNITED KINGDOM

    she was chosen and the operation should go ahead.. this would make Sophie’s and her whole family life’s alot easier.. please go ahead with the operation

  14. Joanne Chilton UNITED KINGDOM

    I have met Sophie and although she always has a smile she needs this to give her the quality of life she deserves how can anyone give hope then snatch it away not only from the child but the whole family because all of her family were looking forward to their Daughter /Granddaughter / sister having the operation so her life could improve I so hope your plight is heard xxx

  15. Janette Waite

    How can you not give sweet, little Sophie a chance of having a better life…she deserves it and so do her Parents! PLEASE don’t let her down…DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE TODAY!

  16. Sue Gettings UNITED KINGDOM

    every child should have treatment if it can lead to a better quality of life

  17. Emma wither ford UNITED KINGDOM

    Signed this petition for Sophie hope she gets the op she deserves,my son also has a syndrome and u would also hope he would get the help if needed

  18. kelly parsons UNITED KINGDOM

    Please give this beautiful little girl a beta quality of life that she deserves

  19. Nicola Carter

    Everyone deserves a chance to a life x

  20. Sarah Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Signed with love and hopes sent to you Sophie and your family xx

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