Help secure the future and well being of Kettering Town Football Club

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Created October 25, 2009 by Simon


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  1. Chris Balmbra Kettering
  2. Jacob Grindley Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  3. James Bambridge Kettering
  4. Lucy Hewitt Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    I\'m not a football fan. I spent my teenage years in Kettering. I heard that they were playing Leeds, and I watched the match. We are a GOOD TEAM. There are plenty of dedicated fans. This year, of all years, should show you that Kettering should not be shut down. Re-think your decision. You\'ve got a lot of problems within council strategies, such as the horrendous car parking charges, and doing this will aggravate the situation further, and if you had any connection to your people then you would see this. Don\'t be stupid.

  5. Rachel Carpenter UNITED KINGDOM
  6. James Balmbra Kettering
  7. Craig Lee Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    For such a \\\\\\\'low\\\\\\\' divison club KTFC is the heart of the community. It MUST be saved and must stay in the borough

  8. Alastair Fawn northampton UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Michael Hart Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    It is a disgrace when a council does not support its local football club, especially not Kettering is becoming a very successful club close to qualifying for the football league!!

  11. Richard Bland Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    A better stadium would bring in more outside interest from tourism. Better council offices would waste the tax payers money. This is not just about the Football Club, this is about the people wanting something they can be proud of. In a depressed economy downsizing is not an option in my head, you need to move forward with morale high. Let us have a new stadium and watch the club and it\\\\\\\'s people who follow it flourish.

  12. Ryan Langley Cork IRELAND

    Kettering Council get your act together and listen to the people, make it happen.

  13. Tim Oglethorpe Kettering UNITED STATES

    Time is short. If Kettering Borough Council don\'t make the Poppies a special case soon, they will be lost to the borough forever. Believe me, it could happen!

  14. Daniel Martin Corby UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Ryan Martin Corby UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Derek Martin Corby UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Faye Sheen Hertford UNITED KINGDOM
  18. laura scriven kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Peter Duke UNITED KINGDOM

    In a way, this is stopping the club from progressing. No player will sign for us because they dont know if they will still be in a job in a couple of years!

  20. Catherine Bruce Northampton UNITED KINGDOM
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