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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. J Chappell UNITED KINGDOM

    this ship deserves to be back in its home town.

  2. Victor Lock UNITED KINGDOM

    I wish this project every success. We spend tremendous amounts of money, effort to preserve historic artefacts like the Cutty Sark,HMS Victory, Great Eastern plus really challenging ones like the Mary Rose and rightly so. So why not HMS Plymouth which is readily available. It should not be undervalued simply because its history is recent. It worked for HMS Belfast!!!!!


    Keep our heritage.

  4. H S Burgoyne

    This ship has Plymouth name, was built in Plymouth by Plymouth men Plymouth was her home port so it is obvious HMS PLYMOUTH BELONGS HERE

  5. Robert Spraggs

    I would like to see this ship preserved in Plymouth.

  6. Hazel Spraggs

    This ship, built in Devonport Dockyard should be saved to show future generations our proud maritime heritage.

  7. S jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    Save our Ships

  8. Shaun Pope UNITED KINGDOM

    Plymouth should celebrate its Naval heritage more and this is an ideal opportunity.

  9. Teresa Pennington UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring it back to Plymouth where it belongs!

  10. Teresa Pennington UNITED KINGDOM

    It should be back in Plymouth where it can be looked after and treasured……..

  11. Mark Pennington UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring it home!!

  12. Teresa Pennington UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring HMS Plymouth back to her home city where she belongs!!

  13. Mark Hind UNITED KINGDOM

    Do not scrap this ship, bring her back to her home town.

  14. Paul Blackmore UNITED KINGDOM

    This ship should not be allowed to be scrapped. Where is Plymouth city councils vision ?

  15. Christine Hudson UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop allowing our heritage to rot. Bring her back to Plymouth where she belongs.

  16. Brian Peake UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth has historical links to the city of Plymouth and the Falklands Islands conflict. This Ship should be saved and restored for the benefit of future generations.

  17. Daphne Freeman UNITED KINGDOM

    Plymouth is her home city – bring her home!!!!

  18. Steve Marriott

    Joined HMS Plymouth July 1973 (first ship). First trip was 10 weeks at sea protecting trawlers inIcelandic waters,

  19. Andy Byford CANADA

    HMS Plymouth is an irreplaceable part of the nation’s maritime history. From the Cod Wars to the Falklands she served Britain with pride. How can we let the last ship from the Falklands War, the same ship that hosted the Argentine surrender, simply be cut up for scrap? We will regret this in years to come…..

  20. v moore


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