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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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  1. A.Chandler UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth should be brought to Plymouth and used as a museum

  2. Trevor Worth UNITED KINGDOM

    This is part of our heritage that needs to be saved

  3. R. Moss IRELAND

    HMS Plymouth is a proven economically viable tourist attraction. Peel Ports just want to make a quick buck by scrapping our heritage!

  4. Freddie price

    Step up and save this unique and historic warship for the nation – now!

  5. Dave Fortey

    The vessel should be saved. It is sad that the government will support the retrival of unused boxed Spitfires (never flown) from Burma, yet will not assist with preserving the significant maritime heritage that is HMS Plymouth. The government, business and public are ignorant and apathetic towards the maritime heritage of this country, even though we were formed and protected by it.


    Not only part of our local heritage BUT Plymouth also needs as many attractions as possible to boost the local economy.

  7. Richard M Green UNITED KINGDOM

    Not only does she have an illustrious past but she is the only surviving frigate of that period and currentley we do not have any preserved frigates.

  8. Rob Kendrick UNITED KINGDOM

    Save the Plymouth!

  9. nige heath

    this is a sad indictment of the throw away society we live in. save this ship!!!!!

  10. Charles Brenner UNITED STATES

    Greetings from the USA. I would like to add my signature to the petition to save the HMS Plymouth. I visited the UK some years ago and was impressed by the many historic sites. The Plymouth is unique and historic. Best wishes.

  11. Paul Hamley UNITED KINGDOM

    Without this ship there will be a gaping hole in our naval heritage.
    If there is no berth possible at Millbay, how about South Yard or even a site in the Cattewater?
    What happened to the funds to buy it from Mersey Docks & Harbour board in 2007?
    Plymouth consitently fails to capitalise on its past – but it has lots of potential

  12. Tony Mellon UNITED KINGDOM

    The British government were about to scrap HMS Victory until Captain Hardy her captain at Trafalgar was berated by his wife who convinced him it was the wrong thing to do and she should be saved. ” SAVE THE PLYMOUTH”

  13. Chris Redman UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes very sad that Plymouth council and are so called MPs have done 0. This ship should be back in Plymouth She is part of are history

  14. richie farman UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to save this old girl

  15. Emma Robinson

    Save our history!!!

  16. Andrew Rutter UNITED KINGDOM

    If you had a filing cabinet marked ‘Maritime Heritage’, the number 1 file would be The British Isles! So why oh why is it such a battle to save important parts of our national floating heritage when we can and do restore scores of ‘Downton Abbey’s’ throughout Britain!? Amazed that the City of Plymouth is so negative about having HMS Plymouth as a tourist attraction.

  17. Karen Chappell GERMANY

    We seem to be losing our heritage

  18. Margaret & Ken Chappell GERMANY

    We should be saving our history so future generations my learn from the past

  19. Mrs Joan Humphries UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth must be preserved for future generations as Plymouth is a navel Port with historical connections

  20. Mr W Humphries UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring HMS Plymouth back where she belongs

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