Hms Plymouth

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Created March 26, 2012 by frederick


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There are currently 299 signatures for this petition:

  1. John Wheeler

    Keep going !

  2. Paul Spooner

    Crying shame…sign up!

  3. Paul Gascoine

    good luck with this very worthwhile effort

  4. john brookes

    will support this petition asking interested friends to add their signature

    Reguards John Brookes

  5. neil davies UNITED KINGDOM

    I went on this as a kid with my uncle who was a RN falklands vet.

  6. Alison MacLeod UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth should be in her home port, it’s unthinkable that anything else should happen to her

  7. mary povey

    Best of luck!

  8. john skipper UNITED KINGDOM

    A ship with a history, something to be proud of.Its just like them wanting to cut up H.M.S Victory,stop now.
    We dont want to lose another great ship ,as we have done in the past.

  9. sleeman UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Sarah Pylyp UNITED KINGDOM

    This should not be allowed to happen!

  11. Frank Mifsud CANADA

    HMS Plymouth deserves retirement with full honours, moored in Devonport.

  12. joanne penfold UNITED KINGDOM

    Would be great to keep HMS Plymouth at its home Base.

  13. Steve Jeffery KUWAIT

    HMS Plymouth is a piece of history and as such should be preserved, not scrapped like a rusty old cortina.

  14. Kirsty Mackay UNITED KINGDOM

    It should stay in Plymouth!

  15. Fiona Sinclair UNITED KINGDOM

    She should be retired intact and not ripped apart for scrap.

  16. Adrian Humphries NEW ZEALAND

    Protect our heritage

  17. carole collins

    bring it back to plymouth where it belongs

  18. allan collins

    should be back where she was born, spent my early days as an apprentice on HMS Plymouth ( many happy happy memories)

  19. nigel webber UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save this ship

  20. Martin F Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Plymouth should be saved from the scrapyard.

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