Introduce TV Evidence and Goal-line technology into Football

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Created September 5, 2011 by Steven Winston


The absence of TV evidence and goal-line technology is harming the reputation of football – something needs to be done!
In the 89th minute of the Euro 2012 qualifier at Hampden, Scotland Vs Czech Republic, on the 3rd September 2011, Jan Rezek, the Czech No.9, fell inside the Scotland box. TV replays from several angles have made clear that he simulated a dive, and in doing so conned the referee into awarding a penalty. This was converted to equalise the game at 2-2.

Moments later, at the other end of the field, the Scottish player, Christophe Berra, fell inside the box and received a yellow card (as the referee accused the player of diving) – however this time replays show contact was made. Although some may argue it was not enough to justify a penalty it was certainly more that for the previous penalty – showing the referee had no consistency at all in his decision making. At the end of the game and without a victory Scotland now have an uphill battle to qualify for Euro 2012.

This is not a sole incident – you’ll all have a memory of when your team was unfairly refereed – with the decisions often costing teams qualifications, titles and ultimately money. Was it a penalty; did the ball cross the line; should the goal have been disallowed for an offside offence? There are too many to moments in history to list! Some may say that “luck” balances out at the end of the day; however I say why should it balance out?
There is technology available now to ensure that incorrect decisions to not effect the outcome of a game. Sports like Rugby and Tennis successfully use technology to enhance their games, even adding an element of excitement to proceedings. It is time FIFA brought the beautiful game into the 21st century!

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There are currently 30 signatures for this petition:

  1. maurice byrne CANADA

    Once the medium of tv was used to cover games it became a whole new ball game
    (no pun intended) the refs cant see everything.

  2. Gavin 'Pat' Fisher UNITED KINGDOM

    i believe the best system would the same system the NFL use. if theres an incident you can play on and if they want to review it when the ball goes out of play or if the play stops and you get 2 or 3 chances to review it so you aren’t going crazy and reviewing everyplay and any time used to review incidents is added on at the end of the half as stoppage time.

  3. monica Devine CANADA

    The whole issue of replaying crucial evidence via video replay is a must.It’s only fair.Justice !

  4. James MacLeod SINGAPORE

    Defiantly would be a good idea. Would improve the game so much and Scotland would have won the game!!

  5. neil robertson UNITED KINGDOM

    Fifa promotes fair play! Let’s see it in action.

  6. William Cunningham UNITED KINGDOM

    its the only way to stop cheats like razek exeot for a punch to the face

  7. James Wyatt

    They need it because of what happend to England in the world cup

  8. Ronald Hughes UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring football into the 21st century

  9. Keith Harvey UNITED KINGDOM

    Can only help football. It hasn’t disrupted play in rugby matches but has helped with key decisions.

  10. Matthieu Lagier

    We really need to have this done, for goal line but for offside too.

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