John Hemming to resign or have the Lib Dem Whip removed

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Created December 6, 2010 by James


John Hemming has said that he will vote in favour of the Govts tuition fee rise to punish the students who have occupied his office.

7 students have non violently occupied his office.

7 students who want him to honour the pledge he willingly made to vote against any increase in tuition fees.

Hemming has said that he will punish tens of thousands of lower and middle income students each year, by tripling their fees and exploding their debt because 7 students dared to peacefully protest and ask him to do what he promised he would do.

The man is a disgrace and should resign.

And, if he won't the Liberal Democrats who have a long history of supporting the right to protest should withdraw the whip from him.

There are currently 75 signatures for this petition:

  1. Alan Roberts Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Michaela Christofi Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Jackie Crossley Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Dylan Turner UNITED KINGDOM

    I was there at the protest today and there were 10 of us, great petition nonetheless!

  5. Suzette Fletcher Horley UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Chris Webb UNITED KINGDOM
  7. James Browne London UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Jennifer Milton Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    This man is set to punish the very people his party targeted to allow them enough seats in parliament to enable him and his master to sell those who fell for their scam and voted for their Lies down the river!!
    I very nearly voted for this disgrace of a party at the election purely on their promise that my Granddaughter would be able to afford to be the first one from our working class family to study at university..Thank god sanity prevailed and my cross went to the labour candidate.
    In his blog he dares to say the student protesters have no understanding of the work his office does for the vulnerable in his constituency, how pray does he not see that these students have a legitimate grievance against him as an individual and his party as a whole for cynically targeting them a very vulnerable element of our society "Youngsters who want a future better than the dole queue” only to dismiss and insult them once they had been used for his parties self gratification.
    You, John Hemming are a disgrace and if there is any justice left in this Country you will get your just deserts at the next election where you will be summarily dismissed.
    It is a pity that we the people cannot start disciplinary proceedings to enable us to dismiss you with immediate effect for gross misconduct!

  9. David Weeden Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    What a sad reason. Students want education; Hemming needs one.

  10. richard henry patey rochester UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Alexander Welbourne UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Cas Bottomley Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    What a patronising little ****. Not acceptable from an MP. Resign before we make you.

  13. bob chewter london

    it's about time these arrogant politicians were reminded that they are paid public servants..not there to dictate or rule over us.

  14. Julian Coleman London UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgusting comments from an unprincipled man. He should go.

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