justice for Mohamed Bouazizi and other citizens suffering in Tunisia

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Created January 2, 2011 by samantha

Human Rights

am writing to you to express my serious concern over the situation in which a young educated man Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire and remains seriously ill in Tunis a desperate man whose livelihood was compromised and his human rights blatantly ignored resulting in personal loss and pain for him and his family also for Ali Ben salem a human rights activist suffering in Tunis I urge the most honourable President and government to sympathise with these victims and to consider their human rights and all citizens of Tunisia who feel their rights are being overlooked and to please allow Amnesty International to continue to support and help these brave persons.

Finally I urge you and your government to ensure that human rights defenders like Ali Ben Salem may peacefully exercise their right to freedom of expression and carry on their legitimate and valuable work without reprisal.

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  1. samantha jones UNITED KINGDOM
  2. joanne poole bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Mohammed Bouazizi was harrased for trying to earn money to feed his family,He is an honorable young man not a criminal he and all the people of Tunisia deserve better, I urge the President to help his people life is short and we all have to answer to God!

  3. Nathalie Corkill Onchan Isle of Man UNITED KINGDOM

    I am absolutely horrified that these things go on in this century people should not have to feel that desperate they feel the only way out is suicide & it is hearing storys like this that put me & my family off visiting Tunisia.

  4. Zouaoui Soumaia BELGIUM

    I feel seriously concerned right now not only for tunisians people in tunisia but for all tunisian people abroad. I have worked and dedicated these last few years working very hard with US News and World report as a free lance and i succeeded in all my assignments. From East to West to the middel east, i always got the recognition of the good work of the people around me and recently lost my job and my salary, my house in tunisia got confiscated and i have nothing left than watch the news and see what is happening there on cnn. I lost two of my colleagues, my management left and i feel completely broke, people are threathening me but as am half dutch feel glad to be safe in Belgium. I am signing this petition and asking from the botton of my heart to refrein the iranian influence on tunisian people, and wish them a prosper future without violence and blood.

  5. jacqueline williams UNITED KINGDOM

    have a heart

  6. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM
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