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Created June 29, 2008 by Andrew


Stop the extradition of a British citizen to face false accusations for manslaughter in Greece.
As British citizens we should feel safe and secure within our justice system.

Did you know that at any time, night or day a member of your family could be arrested, incarcerated and extradited within a matter of days on the whim of the judicial system of any EU country?

To All Parents & Holidaymakers

As you have wave your kids goodbye for a well-earned holiday to the Greek Islands, Spain, etc. after their A Levels, it could be the beginning of the nightmare that we have found ourselves in.

This is our story:
Andrew Symeou,19 is wrongly accused of the manslaughter of Jonathon Hiles in July 2007, using false witness statements extracted by police on the island of Zante, Two young British men were interrogated, slapped, punched and forced to sign an statement implicating their friend Andrew.

A European arrest warrant has been issued and on the 26th June 2008 British police acted upon the warrant. Due to the new streamline EU extradition procedures Andrew could be extradited within three weeks.

It does not make sense on any level to hold a trial in Greece, in a foreign language, when the accused is British, the victim is British and all the witnesses are British. We believe that Andrew will not receive a fair trial in the Greek courts and fear for his safety in a Greek cell.

We believe that these are strong grounds against extradition and are fighting to stop it.

Please click link to sign petition if you believe in British justice and the right to a fair trial in the UK.Also please show your support by attending City of Westminster Magistrates Court, 70 Horseferry Road, SW1 on Monday the 7th July 2008 at 9.30am.

Andrew's Personal Statement

"Thank you for visiting my page. In summer 2007 I went on holiday to Zante with a group of my best friends and every thing was perfect. I had just finished my A levels and was ready to go to university after the summer. Zante was a holiday full of fun and sun, in fact, it was the best holiday of my life. I came back and everything was fine until my two friends who remained in Zante called to tell me they had been beaten by Greek police and brutally forced to sign a statement claiming I had killed someone.

A boy called Jonny Hiles was killed by being punched in a club whilst on holiday in Zante. I was unaware that this had happened until after I returned home. A year later, on the 26th June 2008, I was arrested at my home on suspicion of manslaughter. I don?t know why the Greek police chose me to accuse when I was not even there at the time and had never crossed paths with Jonny. The irony of the whole situation is that it could have been anyone. I have never been in a fight before or even come in contact with the police before, it is not in my nature and everyone who knows me would tell you the same. Now suddenly my life has been turned around in to a living nightmare, and on the 7th July 2008 there will be a court hearing which decides whether I have to be extradited to Greece to stand trial there. In Greece I would have to stay in a cell for months and I am scared that the Greek police will treat me how they treated my friends.

I understand that it is a very hard time for the family of Jonny and that all they want is justice. I know what it is like to lose someone close to you and sometimes you just want answers. The real culprit is getting away with this because the finger is being pointed at someone innocent. From what I have heard and seen Jonny seems like he was a lovely guy, the kind of person I may have got along with if we had crossed paths on our holiday, as I did with many other people I met.

On the 7th July around 150 friends and family of Andrew attended a show of support outside City of Westminster Magistrates Court, 70 Horseferry Road, SW1, where the extradition hearing took place. Andrew and his parents thank everyone who attended. The hearing has been adjourned until the 12th August 2008.
Please show your continued support by signing the petition, and by attending City of Westminster Magistrates Court, 70 Horseferry Road, SW1 on Tuesday 12th August 2008. The time will be posted on www.justice-for-symeou.comat a later date.

There are currently 3516 signatures for this petition:

  1. kathryn smith chelmsford UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Simon Ralston Loughton UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Rachelle Joyce UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Micky Mouse Disney UNITED KINGDOM


  5. Billy Joe Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    Sorry for writting such a stupid message, it's because i'm and idiot and can't spell.

  6. Don Duck disney UNITED KINGDOM

    Bye Andrew You'll love it in Greece I hear the prisons are great this time of year!

  7. craig long birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    pls sign i would,nt wish it on any british citezen to stand trial in a foriegn contry especially on bullshit charges based on confessions on someone who was beten or intimidated

  8. Charlotte Mawer York UNITED KINGDOM

    it's disgusting how some people are treated.
    British people should be tried in the British Justice System, not abroad!!

  9. Don Duck Disney UNITED KINGDOM

    Sorry I thort I would sign again as I forgot to mention I\'m actually mentally ill, and therefore whatever I said on here before is actually complete bullshit. Justice for Symeou all the way!!!x

  10. Michael Jorden Bath UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Sue Devlin UNITED KINGDOM

    Why don`t you believe in free speech ????

  12. alexandre houssard FRANCE

    i support the petition

  13. Clara Ozdemir UNITED KINGDOM

    i hope justice prevails! good luck, we're all behind u mate!

  14. simos kyriacou EDMONTON UNITED KINGDOM


  15. Laura Hall Andover UNITED KINGDOM
  16. leslye vaughan wythenshawe UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Kath McNeil Northampton UNITED KINGDOM
  18. wilma walsh leicester UNITED KINGDOM
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