Lady Shapes with Alan Partridge

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Created September 17, 2011 by Lady


Quite basically we believe that it is our right to see the TV show "Lady Shapes with Alan Partridge", as mentioned in the "I’m Alan Partridge" episode "Room With An Alan", put into production and aired on television. If you are of like mind then you will sign the petition, and if you’re not, well, smell my cheese you mother!

There are currently 5 signatures for this petition:

  1. Ben Barlow UNITED KINGDOM

    Rolled on the thigh of a virgin.

  2. Chris Longhurst UNITED KINGDOM

    Classic intercourse

  3. Liam Wiffen UNITED KINGDOM

    Smell my cheese

  4. Danielle Jones

    It must not, repeat not, turn into an all-night rave.

  5. Simon Whelan

    I’m going nowhere Lynn, quite literally I’m on the ring-road..

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