Lets all make a new dining hall Policy

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Created September 20, 2007 by Tyler J.


Here it is the petition page. Just sign the petition and we will do what we can to figure out a more reasonable way to address our concerns about the dining hall policy. Make sure you put down your JWU email so we can know that you actually go to JWU.

There are currently 74 signatures for this petition:

  1. D.L. Deas D.L. Deas Denver UNITED STATES
  2. Danielle Lamzik denver UNITED STATES
  3. Anthony Chow UNITED STATES
  4. Olivia Snow UNITED STATES
  5. Thoa Nguyen Denver UNITED STATES
  6. Merrye Leigh Brown Denver UNITED STATES
  7. Andrew Schmitt Denver UNITED STATES
  8. N/A Bob Barker Denver UNITED STATES
  9. N/A Bob Barker Denver UNITED STATES
  10. Brittany Gaitan Murrieta UNITED STATES
  11. Jenkin Jenkins Luxembourg UNITED KINGDOM

    I can feel your pain and i offer my full empathy for you.

  12. ousitsitolo ousitsitolo caeralletoac ITALY


  13. cloe col NEW ZEALAND
  14. Connor Burke Wareham UNITED KINGDOM

    Because it's a great school

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