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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


We believe there should be a single ‘London Cycle Map’ that’s clear and easy to use and corresponds to a unified network of signed cycle routes throughout Greater London: the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map.

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  1. David Killick UNITED KINGDOM

    Moving to London in 2 months. This would be invaluable help in enabling me to avoid car use etc

  2. Andrei Avram UNITED STATES

    I am cycling to work and I spend lots of weekends cycling around London. A cyclemap would help finding the best routes to avoid busy roads and would make the commuting safer. An additional benefit would be that cyclists wouldn’t make the busy roads even busier.

  3. Barbara Himmelreich UNITED KINGDOM

    For the benefit of cyclists in London

  4. Jeremy Ash UNITED KINGDOM

    because cycling rocks and London should be mindful of all cyclists

  5. antonia roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    creative practical affordable sensible solution -we need more of these

  6. Claire Donaldson UNITED KINGDOM

    Such a great idea!

  7. George Bradley UNITED KINGDOM

    Ace idea!

  8. Naomi

    As I am a new cyclist this would be extremely helpful even though I have lived in London my whole life I am now seeing it through the eyes of a cyclist. My first journey was overwhelming to say the least, especially when a bus zoomed past me. knowing where to cycle would be helpful

  9. Tsvetina BULGARIA

    It is a wonderful idea and I believe it would be very helpful for the citizens. Moreover, hopefully, there won’t be as many incidents as there are currently.

  10. Nana G

    This is invaluable and would boost my cycling confidence 1000%.

  11. David Gooding UNITED KINGDOM

    Can’t think of a reason not too!
    Safer, cleaner and better!

  12. Pete Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    This map (like most of the non-existent cycling infrastructure in London) is long overdue!

  13. ben

    would encourage me to cycle around town more and leave the car at home


    Fantastic idea

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