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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


We believe there should be a single ‘London Cycle Map’ that’s clear and easy to use and corresponds to a unified network of signed cycle routes throughout Greater London: the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map.

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  1. C G Eaton
  2. June Grainger

    Because I don’t know London at all well and would therefore use public transport for fear of getting hopelessly lost.

  3. Deborah Ferreira de Avelino UNITED KINGDOM

    Because i would like London to be safer to ride by bike! healthier and environmental friendly!

  4. Amelie Varin
  5. Joel Waugh UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Niggli Nicholas SWITZERLAND
  8. amanda UNITED KINGDOM

    It would encourage more cyclists, thus making the roads safer.

  9. Jess Fisher UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Tony Smith

    Need a tourist rout finder.

  11. Pastore UNITED KINGDOM

    daily cyclist commuter

  12. Jennifer Coverdale

    A cycling revolution works for people and planet

  13. Victoria Moralo UNITED KINGDOM

    Because cycling is a great way of life and this project would encourage more cyclists.

  14. Jonathan Limb

    Route C1 looks to perfect for my commute – Dollis Hill to Gipsy Hill, this is a well laid-out plan and I was able to work out my route within 30 seconds. If it’s this easy to get so right, we need this in London!

  15. John Byrnes

    Badly needed for all those that cycle in London

  16. Charles Berger UNITED KINGDOM

    A great idea

  17. Kevin Bruce Legge

    Much needed.

  18. A Inglis

    I was looking for a map of London cycle routes, but was astonished to find this kind of system does not yet exist! What century are we living in?

  19. Rebecca UNITED KINGDOM

    Cycling is the cheapest way to get around
    Cycling keeps us fit and healthy
    Its a practicle activity that empowers us
    Having cycle maps will be another step forward at encouraging more people to cycle and highlight the benefits of cycling, both practically and spiritually. It’s a step forward at empowerment. Make London a bicycle city :)

  20. Mark Culmer UNITED KINGDOM

    Cars isolate communities and people. Cycling goes along way to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

  21. Rachel Robson UNITED KINGDOM

    To make cycling in London safer and easier.

  22. Emmanuel UNITED KINGDOM

    Because i would like London to be safer to ride by bike!

  23. Richard Windsor UNITED KINGDOM

    Would open up London as a bike friendly place to explore for all

  24. Elisabetta Versari

    To make it easier to find a safe way around London.

  25. James Palmowski UNITED KINGDOM

    Show everyone that getting around London does not have to involve a motor. Help people experience how fun it can be cycling around the city.

    A standardised and visible infrastructure will inspire confidence and break down the illusion that riding through London is only for the intrepid.

    Build it. They will come.

  26. Andreas Dietl BELGIUM

    I cycle wherever I go. Having a good map is even more important in a city like London that I visit around once a year.

  27. Graham Saunders UNITED KINGDOM

    Cycle route maps should be easily/cheaply available nationally. This failing is holding back cycling, both for transport and recreation.

  28. Zoe Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    I support anything that makes cycling in London safer and easier

  29. ben hall UNITED KINGDOM

    I want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like!



  31. Harry

    Anything that promotes and encourages safe cycling is a good thing.

  32. Kristina

    Cycling infrastructure in Lithuania is better than it is in the UK! You guys need to catch up!

  33. Chris Broomfield UNITED STATES

    This is perfect.

  34. Bridget Burrows UNITED KINGDOM


  35. Alex Raha UNITED KINGDOM

    Would make it a lot easier for new cyclists to navigate into and across Central London

  36. Jonathan Fulford UNITED KINGDOM

    Cycling is the future not the past………….

  37. Mark Ramsden UNITED KINGDOM


  38. Hamish Gaunt UNITED KINGDOM


  39. Leon maurice-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    no timid cyclist will cycle on car filled roads thus the nitrogen and CO2 reductions will not be met. The NHS and wellbeing gains won’t exist as long as it is dangerous on the roads and unclear what the safe routes are.

  40. Colin Lawson UNITED KINGDOM

    As a frequent visitor to the capital the lack of a map with cycle routes maps travelling more complicated than it needs to be – I would use a Boris bike if I was confident of my route options

  41. Colin Lawson UNITED KINGDOM


  42. Mitul Shah UNITED STATES

    Wow, good idea. :-)

  43. sebastian UNITED KINGDOM

    I want my children to be able to enjoy cycling as much as I do. Maps like this and cycle only lanes will cause a revoultion. Every one I know wnats to cycle but they are scared so tey jump in the car and go. But by driving in london they are only hurting them selves by poluting they air they breath and not excersising. Lets make this city a model for a sustainable clean living. Bikes can make such a difference to our city and they are so cheap! DO NOT BE ARAID AND JOIN US.

  44. Mark Swift

    It would encourage me to cycle in London.
    It would help me to avoid busy routes
    It help me to navigate thro’ London

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