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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


We believe there should be a single ‘London Cycle Map’ that’s clear and easy to use and corresponds to a unified network of signed cycle routes throughout Greater London: the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map.

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  1. C G Eaton
  2. June Grainger

    Because I don’t know London at all well and would therefore use public transport for fear of getting hopelessly lost.

  3. Deborah Ferreira de Avelino UNITED KINGDOM

    Because i would like London to be safer to ride by bike! healthier and environmental friendly!

  4. Amelie Varin
  5. Joel Waugh UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Niggli Nicholas SWITZERLAND
  8. amanda UNITED KINGDOM

    It would encourage more cyclists, thus making the roads safer.

  9. Jess Fisher UNITED KINGDOM


  10. Tony Smith

    Need a tourist rout finder.

  11. Pastore UNITED KINGDOM

    daily cyclist commuter

  12. Jennifer Coverdale

    A cycling revolution works for people and planet

  13. Victoria Moralo UNITED KINGDOM

    Because cycling is a great way of life and this project would encourage more cyclists.

  14. Jonathan Limb

    Route C1 looks to perfect for my commute – Dollis Hill to Gipsy Hill, this is a well laid-out plan and I was able to work out my route within 30 seconds. If it’s this easy to get so right, we need this in London!

  15. John Byrnes

    Badly needed for all those that cycle in London

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