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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Ben Irvine UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Dom Tyerman Highbury UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Alice Moran London UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be very handy as I am often trying to plan safe routes from home to various places but standard maps aren't much use on this front.

  4. Sarah Gill London UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Simon Platts London UNITED KINGDOM
  6. pete hathway UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Tess Riley UNITED KINGDOM
  8. zahbia yousuf london UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Jesse Van Hoy UNITED STATES
  10. Rob Humphreys Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    What an inspired idea! Hope London and other cities adopt this and get people cycling…What a great start to the Olympics would be to see the cycling team travel along these routes to get there!!!

  11. S Jenkins London UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Jonathan Wilcox Islington UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Chris Boylan Bromley UNITED KINGDOM

    The advantages would be immense. Chris Boylan

  14. tristian o'brien putney UNITED KINGDOM

    good idea..

  15. Gareth Jenkins Woodford UNITED KINGDOM

    It's common sense versus beaurocracy.

  16. Rob Fish London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Alistair Teece North Woolwich UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a really good idea to have a cycle map specifically for cyclists. i mean its quite a dangerous place and things like this would be sure to help.

  18. Ryan Coe London UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Shashidhar Seem London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please go ahead with this plan

  20. Nisha Newton London UNITED KINGDOM
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