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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Mike Ridout UNITED KINGDOM

    I live just outside London and sometimes bring my bike in on the train. Such a map would help enormously with route planning – Great idea !

  2. Hannah Beauchamp UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea!! (Why is it obligatory to leave a comment?)


    Looks great!

  4. Tom Theobald UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea.

  5. pam rudge UNITED KINGDOM

    A brilliant idea – would definitiely encourage more cycling in the city

  6. Andrew Rudge UNITED KINGDOM

    About time too!

  7. Srinivasan Sankaranarayanan

    Lets make cycling more fun!

  8. Garrick Hileman UNITED KINGDOM

    excellent idea!

  9. Molly Fyfe UNITED KINGDOM

    excellent idea

  10. Ian Blackburn

    Great idea!

  11. Jemma Leahy UNITED KINGDOM

    I would LOVE to have the roads of London mapped out like this. Navigating would be so much more easier!

  12. Ian Saville UNITED KINGDOM

    Good idea

  13. Martin Ciastko

    This might be the idea that moves the cycling revolution past the tipping point

  14. Greg D'Addio

    Excellent idea – A definitely help for cyclists wishing to routeplan, would definitely grow cycling in the capital.

  15. Emma kay

    Fingers crossed

  16. Alisdair Cruchley UNITED KINGDOM

    Simply one of the best ideas I have ever heard. It would really open up the capital for everyone! Boris are you listening????

  17. James Tuffs UNITED KINGDOM

    This makes a lot of sense as a way of promoting an easy to use sustainable transport system for a great city – it will become the envy of other countries and stop everyone referring to Copenhagen for a change…

  18. John Watkins UNITED KINGDOM

    A really good idea, allowing anyone to cycle across London safely.

  19. Anna

    Great concept!

  20. Andrew Marchment

    Really good idea. As a confident cyclist I rarely use specific cycle paths, however when trying to do so on rides with my wife I am astounded by how difficult it is to follow a route, even after planning using TFLs existing London cycling maps.

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