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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. David Farr / NipNip Team UNITED KINGDOM

    A genius idea

  2. Bryn Truscott UNITED KINGDOM


  3. Pauline Rolt UNITED KINGDOM

    A coded cycle map of London on safer roads would be brilliant

  4. Trevor Weekes UNITED KINGDOM

    A great idea and much needed in london. I think this would encourage more cyclists including myself to use london roads and enhance safer cycling.

  5. Damon GERMANY

    Can’t understand why this hasn;t been done already

  6. Andrea Kirkby UNITED KINGDOM

    Trying to find my way from Earl’s Court to Victoria last week without getting drawn into fast-moving gyratories like Hyde Park Corner – spotted just two cycle signs on my entire route. Not good enough.

  7. Kathryn

    No comment

  8. Jim Hunter AUSTRALIA

    Great Idea.


    here here

  10. Lara Solomon

    I support this

  11. Laura Harding UNITED KINGDOM

    A great idea

  12. Marcin Jurdzinski UNITED KINGDOM

    Why just London? Let the cities of the world compete!

  13. stephen hale

    yes please, cycle map much needed!

  14. Margot Lindsay UNITED KINGDOM

    I just cannot remember routes without a map.

  15. eve evans UNITED KINGDOM

    Briliant idea

  16. David Priestley UNITED KINGDOM

    All cities in UK could do this also

  17. Steve Painter NEW ZEALAND

    This is a great idea. So much so that I have to ask why it hasn’t been done already.

  18. Ann Warren UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes please. And make the routes safe too.

  19. Brefne Jowers

    What a fantastic idea! It would make me cycle much further than at present.

  20. Jackie Monk UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes please

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