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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. monica heeran


  2. Nick Francis UNITED KINGDOM

    Good idea

  3. Martin Hanks UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an excellent idea



  5. Kelvin Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    What an excellent idea. Perhaps this will help for one day there to be be more dedicated cycle paths which separate cyclists from other traffic and improving safety.

  6. Ewa Mlynska UNITED KINGDOM


  7. Miranda Webster UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a must! I love cycling and do it everyday!


    A central London cycle map will be very helpful.

  9. Gregory Laga UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea.

  10. Oliver Bisgrove UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea!

  11. Cecily Saunders

    London definitely needs to be a safer place for cyclists with clearly marked routes. I often feel very unsafe on my commute to work.

  12. Sharon Pandji UNITED STATES

    This is a brilliant idea – the lack of easy-to-read cycling maps in London is one of the biggest reasons that have put me off cycling.

  13. Stephen Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    Excellent idea.

  14. Chris Lowder UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea!

  15. Chris Randall UNITED KINGDOM

    Good idea.

  16. Chris Todd UNITED KINGDOM

    Brilliant idea

  17. Tom Ironmonger UNITED KINGDOM

    With fewer cars and more bikes, London would be a far better place to live. And I don’t cycle (though nor do I drive). There’d be cleaner air, and quieter, safer streets. Plus I’m sure that much of the ‘attitude’ and misery attributed to Londoners is manufactured on the roads, where courtesy and manners are forgotten by all, and stress is compacted into bad-day sized encounters. So anything to encourage people away from making single-occupant-cyclable- car journeys gets my vote by a country mile.

  18. kerry bryars UNITED STATES

    Yes please!

  19. Georgios Ouzounis FRANCE

    fingers crossed

  20. John Lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    No brainer

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