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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


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  1. Caspar Bartscherer UNITED KINGDOM

    Fantastic idea – direly needed.

  2. John Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea!

  3. Nicholas Zuniga UNITED KINGDOM

    Great Idea – Let’s build support

  4. Nicholas Zuniga UNITED KINGDOM

    Great Idea!

  5. Fiona Gordon UNITED KINGDOM

    Brilliant idea – do it!

  6. Patrick Senior UNITED KINGDOM

    This is great!

  7. Tim Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree.

  8. Timothy West UNITED KINGDOM

    A consistent and well maintained cycle network is what London needs in order to tackle the crippling traffic and air quality issues it currently faces!


    Good stuff

  10. James Booth

    will be useful in summer!!

  11. Symantha Frewen UNITED KINGDOM

    About time we had a map for cyclists!! Will there be any smaller versions for separate districts of London, as they do for the road maps for London cycling?

  12. Rachel Cooke

    Facilitating active commuting is a vital part of combatting obesity, inactivity and other public health concerns

  13. Tatevik Sargsyan UNITED KINGDOM

    Because… using Google maps on your mobile phone whilst cycling can be dangerous!

  14. Clive Richardson UNITED KINGDOM

    A cost-effective way to recognise the presence of cyclists on our roads, and to assist them in getting from A to B on their bikes.


    I cycle in London & not only do cars forget to leave you space it is hard to navigate whilst cycling, a simple cycle map including signage would help me get around & drivers remember I’m there. Please do it, we are all equal, men, women, cars, bicycles, all road users should be able to travel safely together!!****xhx*****

  16. Carla Denyer UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Fred Manning UNITED KINGDOM
  18. oliver moore

    Great! Do it Boris!!

  19. Mia Gibbons
  20. Sue Bird

    not familiar with London roads, but would love to cycle when I visit – need to be able to follow route and not to have to keep stopping to consult map. Thank you!

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