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Created June 5, 2011 by Dylan


My aim is to show our local council that there is a need and a want for better facility’s for the young people of Louth and surrounding areas.
I think if teenagers had somewhere purpose built it would keep them away from vandalizing children play parks.  It would give them a local place to gather. 
I am suggesting skate park as it would allow facilities for BMX bikers, Skate boarder’s & Roller bladers! It will help encourage teenagers to get out and socialize more and to be out and about been active. 
I would even suggest that they allow people to decorate / graffiti the park them selfs!
I am going to collect as many signatures as i can and take it to the council, If we all work together they will have to listen to us.  Any further suggestions and help appreciated.

There are currently 15 signatures for this petition:

  1. Dylan

    Louth needs to move with the times!

  2. Dylan

    the teenagers need this in my opinion.

  3. Vicky Tasker

    The kids need somewhere like this!

  4. Ruth

    What’s a kid to do? Louth’s boring.

  5. Connor Saunders

    We need something to do in Louth!!!!!!!!

  6. David Giles


  7. Morgan Tasker

    fingers crossed!!

  8. Daniel Calladine UNITED KINGDOM

    hope it gets built

  9. Elliott Hayes UNITED KINGDOM

    we need somewhere to skate.

  10. Tomo Munnings UNITED KINGDOM

    This would be awesome!

  11. Ben

    Louth’s bare.


    Tiny villages like Friskney can have skateparks but Louth can’t?

  13. rob joyce

    really hope this gets built!

  14. Kyle Glentworth UNITED KINGDOM

    Finally, Browns, Riverhead and B&Q aren’t good enough for us:(

  15. Mark Clements

    I’ve just moved here in louth and I am keen skateboarder and bmx’er and love to see a skate park here In louth

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